Date published: Nov - 12 - 2022

Dubai desert safari is one of the unique adventure activities that you can exclusively experience in Dubai. The vast golden dunes of the Arabian sandy desert reveal another beautiful face of Dubai. It is another world where there are no massive buildings or pristine beaches, but just a golden sea of Arabian desert.

Dubai desert adventures are famous for delivering a unique and memorable experience to its visitors. Whether you are a solo tourist or visiting Dubai along with your family, the Dubai desert safari should be a must-try event included in your bucket list. From our years of experience as the best tour agency in Dubai, we are sure that a morning desert safari through the Dubai desert will exist as a memory for a lifetime. In order to visit Dubai you should possess a valid travel visa. 60 days or 3 months visa uae can be attained according to your preference. 

In this blog, we will try to provide you with a small outlook of the Dubai desert safari. We hope this blog will be helpful for your Dubai journey.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert safari is an amazing opportunity to experience the beautiful sunrise over the Arabian Desert. We are quite sure that even without doing anything but just standing in the heart of the Arabian desert and witnessing the spectacular view of the desert will fill your mind with immense pleasure and tranquillity.  It will take you to another peaceful world away from all the city hustle and bustle. Another interesting activity you can attend in your morning desert safari is camel trekking. It will allow you to experience the ancient mode of transportation in the vast desert. Quad bike ride and Dune bashing is other thrilling activity that you can enjoy during your morning desert safari. Also, try to add an authentic Arabian breakfast during your trip.
Many tour operators will allow you to customize your morning desert safari according to your interests. From two hours to a full day many companies offer different morning safari packages. If you are not interested in breakfast and dinner you can reduce the time frame.

Must Try Activities for Your Desert Safari
Camel Trekking 

Camel trekking is a must-try activity for your Dubai desert journey. If you are traveling with your kids it will be a fun-filled experience. If you are scheduling your camel safari in the morning you may witness some desert animals if you are lucky. Camel safari also provides an opportunity to take memorable photos. We bet the photo session with the camels will be a fun activity. 

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing allows you to experience a breathtaking ride over the sand dunes with experienced drivers. The raw journey features an adventure ride across the desert at different speeds. Full of fun and thrill, dune bashing sessions will exist as a lifetime experience for adventure tourists. If you are interested you can add a tasty BBQ dinner along with this.

Quad Bike Ride

A quad bike ride through the desert will be an interesting part of your trip, especially for motor enthusiasts, the quad bike ride through the sandy dunes and low plateaus will become the best part of your Dubai trip. You can experience quad bike riding with an experienced driver or by yourself. Riders are provided with proper guidance and all safety measures. Surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of deserts quad biking will be a great experience.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ready to experience a different view of the Arabian desert from a bird's view? Then this is for you. A hot air balloon ride is truly a unique experience that allows you to experience the golden dunes from a different view and you can witness the sand transformation into different colors at different hours. Experience a 360-degree view of Dubai while floating through the clouds.

Sand Boarding and Skiing 

Adventures add a new freshness to your life. It breaks the monotony of your life and helps you to keep young and energetic. Sandboarding and skiing is a thrilling activities that you can experience in Dubai. It is a year-round activity suited for any age group. Your legs are strapped to the surfing board and are allowed to float through the golden dunes. It will kick out all your stress and allow you to experience a thrilling movement. As a beginner try to do it under the supervision of an experienced professional.