12 Iconic Dubai Monuments that you should visit on your next Dubai Tour

12 Iconic Dubai Monuments that you should visit on your next Dubai Tour

Date published: Jul - 19 - 2021

Dubai is not only a city of buzzing city life, sparkling night and majestic deserts. The city also houses some of the world's rarest and oldest heritage centres and monuments. The monuments of Dubai are an integral part of all Dubai tours and travels. A trip to Dubai will go to waste if you plan to skip any of these precious landmarks. Here are our top pick of Dubai’s most famous monuments.


The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, located on the seafront in an outstanding souq, invites visitors to delve deeply into Arab and Muslim culture. Visitors may learn about ceremonies, relics, handicrafts, and more in exhibitions that cover two floors. The surface galleries present many aspects of Islamic faith, ranging from scientific achievements in astrophysics to rituals and the relevance of holy pilgrimage. The upper-level galleries exhibit a chronology spanning 1400 years of Religious civilization and artefacts.


The Grand Mosque of Dubai is the pinnacle of Dubai's ethnic and traditional history, displaying authentic Islamic art. Visitors may have a firsthand taste of Islamic customs and culture thanks to Quranic writings on the entry facade, the city's highest minaret, tiny and big domes, and genuine Islamic interiors. The ambience of this lovely house of worship is filled with the aura of serenity and spirituality.


Burj Nahar, built out of mud and reef stone in 1870, has three forts. This monument, which was originally erected to defend the citizens from attackers, has historical value. A monument that has been restored and is now encircled by magnificent gardens, making it a popular tourist attraction in Dubai. The best Dubai tour agencies can hook you with major landmarks of Dubai without any hassles.


Burj Al Arab, one of Dubai's most luxurious hotels, was built on a man-made island off Jumeirah Road in 1999. This famous monument, shaped like a dhow's sail, holds a fleet of gleaming concierge limos and a private helipad. When it comes to elegance, the hotel has a lovely fountain, a lovely lobby, and a total of 203 suites.


The Burj Khalifa, as the globe's tallest structure, exemplifies not just outstanding modern design and engineering, but also remarkable vision and realisation. The monument, which stands on 160 storeys, offers visitors 360-degree views of Dubai's cityscape. The base of this huge skyscraper is nothing but a lively restaurant and fun area, adding to the bizarre experience. It is one of Dubai's most well-known attractions, drawing visitors from all over the world.


A unique gateway that provides for a fantastic day excursion if you want to fly fish from around the world in a single day. The Globe of Islands is a collection of man-made islands that mimic the world map and are located from just outside Dubai. Even though the project began as a real estate opportunity, it has now evolved into one of Dubai's most popular tourist destinations. So, whether you want to relax on the beach, have some aquatic thrills, or commemorate a particular event, the world islands are the place to be!


Bastakiya Quarters, among contemporary structures and fancy hotels, is one of Dubai's earliest residential districts, enabling tourists to enjoy the culture and lifestyle of Old Dubai. Widely credited wooden doors, grates, and meandering tiny alleyways will transport you to the past. Al Fahidi Fort, which is home to several cafés, art museums, trendy restaurants, and the famed Dubai Museum, is a must-see for anybody interested in learning more about Dubai's vibrant history. Any tour agency in Dubai will not let you miss this unique piece of heritage.


The Jumeirah Mosque has been dubbed one of the city's most magnificent mosques. This hall of worship, made entirely of gleaming white stones, is the ideal venue to learn more about the Islamic religion. This mosque encourages tourists of all religions to enjoy the settings and study Islam and the native customs. Local mosque officials also give guided tours at 10 a.m., which can further enhance your experience.


The Qasr al-Hosn is an art centre in Abu Dhabi that displays significant events from the city's history. It is also Abu Dhabi's earliest exposition, and it tells the storey of Abu Dhabi and its people. Constructed in 1760 as a tower to protect the water well, this famous building is depicted on the reverse of the AED 1000 note. It later functioned as an ancestral residence for the reigning Al Nahyan family after 1793, and it stayed in the royal family's possession until 1966.


The greatest Bronze Age site in Dubai, Hili Archaeological Park, dates from the third millennium BC. From the building's construction to the displays within, it's like travelling back in time. It is located inside the same grounds as the fort. This park display remains from the Umm Al Nar era, including historical buildings. The Hili Grand Tomb is a must-see attraction in the park. Elegantly carved sculptures of humans and animals border the tomb. In 1995, the park discovered and repaired the ruins of a Bronze Age village dating from 2,500 to 2,000 BC.


Cayan Tower, also known as the infinity tower, is a contemporary architectural masterpiece. The dynamic and flowing design of this luxury apartment complex, which pivots 90 degrees from its elevation and is one of Dubai's most recognized structures, has challenged the city's traditional architectural traditions. Almost everyone who sees this Dubai landmark is taken aback by its unusual and futuristic appearance.


The Dubai Museum, one of the oldest remaining structures, provides tourists with a sense of the city's past. The museum, which is housed in Al Fahidi Fort, has a long and varied history that includes serving as a defence fort, a weapons store, an outlaw jail, and now a historic structure that protects Dubai's past. Tourists who come to this museum may learn about Dubai's extensive and important history as well as the lives of the townships of the city centre.

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