Dubai Visa - UAE Visit Visa Online


Visa Option Processing Type ? No Of Visa Travel Date Price
30 DAYS TOURIST VISA With Insurance
30 Days Inside Country Extention
60 DAYS TOURIST VISA With Insurance
60 Days Inside Country Extenstion
30 DAYS CHILD VISA With Insurance
60 DAYS CHILD VISA With Insurance

Visa Requirements for visitors with Guarantor or NO Guarantor in UAE

  • Documents for visitors with Guarantor in UAE
  • Guarantor passport copy and visa page copy ( both valid for minimum 3 months )
  • Security cash of 1500 for Asian nationalities each visa, this cash will be used only if visitors is absconded
  • Documents for Visitors with NO Guarantor in UAE
  • Family visitors may no need to put any deposit instead they can make the HOTEL / AIRLINE / Tour booking with us with best-guaranteed price
  • Certain visitors ( except for familiies ) are required to pay an amount of 1500 aed ( for african - 3000 AED ) Towards the security deposit . Although this amount is fully refundable , please be informed that we will reimburse you the money only after you send us the scanned copy of passport page with the UAE exit stamp.


Dubai is often the first choice for people when considering a quick trip abroad. But many people have confusions regarding the tourist visa uae processing. It can be done easily with the help of an experienced travel company. A 3 Month visit visa UAE is a wise choice for travellers who are planning to explore the UAE in its full spirit. It is also highly recommended to people who are planning to visit their relatives in the UAE. With the 60 days tourist visa dubai you can explore every part of the UAE. You can get a visit visa dubai 30 days with some simple steps. At UBL travels in addition to visit visas we also provide hassle-free UAE child visa service, inside country visa extension, and multiple entry visa service in a very short period of time.

If you have any questions about obtaining a UAE visa or need services related to visas, get in touch with our visa experts right away.

Documents Required for UAE Visit Visa

    Visitor's Document :

    Copies of the following:

  • Passport size Photograph
  • FrontPage of Passport
  • Last Page of Passport
  • If you’ve visited Dubai before then passport page with exit stamp
  • Confirmed return air tickets
    Special Note
  • The passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months.
  • The passports in handwritten format will not be accepted.
  • Blurred or weary documents should not be submitted.
    Guarantor's Document:

    Documents required for visitors with Guarantor in UAE.

  • Visa page copy and Guarantor passport copy (minimum 3 months validity)
  • Security cash of AED 5500 is required for each visa and will be used only if visitors are absconded.
  • Bank statement supporting the cheque drawn from the account belonging to the last month should be submitted, with good transactions in it.
    Documents required for visitors with no Guarantor in UAE.
  • Visa page copy and Guarantor passport copy (minimum 3 months validity)
  • Security cash of AED 5500 is required for each visa and will be used only if visitors are absconded.
  • Bank statement supporting the cheque drawn from the account belonging to the last month should be submitted, with good transactions in it.
  • At a guaranteed price, the family visitors can make the hotel or airline tour booking with us, without any deposit.
  • Visitors other than families need to pay an amount of AED 5500 for the security deposit. This money is refundable and will be repaid only if you send the scanned copy of the passport page with the UAE exit stamp.
    Special Note
  • At special prices, you can book the return ticket and hotel with us
  • The guarantee documents of Indian nationality passengers reviewed by our visa team may not be submitted again.
  • Guarantee documents of passengers travelling in families (with kids) may not be required.
  • Any guarantee documents need not be provided by passengers who have already reserved the hotel, excursions with RTT.

How to apply for UAE Visa

We make it easy for you to get a Dubai visa through our PRO services. You are eligible for a Dubai visa if you have a clear criminal history and a previous travel record. Dubai visa is required if you are not a national of any GCC country. If you have no travel record, then an invitation from a family member staying in UAE gives you eligibility for a Dubai visa.

To get your Dubai visa, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • • Enter your name, nationality, primary contact address, travel date, etc in the online application form.
  • • Submission of your scanned documents applicable for visa processing.
  • • Pay us, using your credit card through our secure process. For other means of payment options, you can use bank transfer, PayPal or cash deposit.
  • If any changes are to be done in your submission, then our expert team will advise you to provide the necessary information. If every step is followed systematically, then we can promise to get your visa submitted and processed in the least time.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before applying for a visa, can I book my ticket?
  • Yes, before applying for a visa you can book your tickets.
  • How much do a 3 months visit visa in Dubai cost?
  • A three months visit visa can depend on the single entry and double-entry system. For single entry, 60 days will cost AED 699 and for multiple entries, 60 days will cost AED 1799.
  • What is the difference between a tourist and a visit visa?
  • If a person is on a Tourist visa then he/she have to exit the country after 30/ 60 days of the visit. But for a visit visa, one can convert it into employment or residence visas within the country.
  • What is the cheapest month to travel to Dubai?
  • Having a pleasant temperature from October to November and January too late March these are the months providing the cheapest flights to Dubai.
  • Does the Dubai visa get rejected?
  • If you are an unskilled professional like a farmer, laborer or something similar or if you have a record of fraud or misconduct in the UAE or India then there is a chance of rejection.
  • What is the age limit for a Dubai visa?
  • For Nationals like Algerians, Tunisians, Libyans, Moroccans, and Mauritanians the minimum age limit for Dubai visa is 40 years. Dubai Visa Minimum Age is 21 years for men and 23 for women, belonging to all other nationalities.
  • Is the return ticket required to travel to Dubai?
  • Yes. You cannot travel to Dubai if you don’t have a return ticket or a ticket to an onward destination.
  • How can I get a Dubai visa for 3 months?
  • You can get it online through just three easy steps. You can pay online by giving your card details, upload your documents and download the e-visa. You should keep track of your visa status.
  • Who can apply for a 60-days visa?
  • It is a preferred visa type for those who are traveling to the country for business training, visiting family, long vacation and other such purposes.
  • Is a 6 months visa available in UAE?
  • People staying outside the UAE can apply for 6 months multiple entry visa. Professionals, investors and outstanding students can apply for this visa.
  • What is a single entry visa?
  • With a single entry visa, you can stay in the UAE for 60 days or less. i.e. you can stay in the country for 60 days from the date of issuance, but cannot go beyond 60 days.
  • After the visa process can I track the status of my application?
  • To know the status of your visa application, we will send you an authentication email along with a link. To know more, you can contact our visa agents.
  • In case the application is rejected, will I get a refund?
  • As the UAE immigration authority does not recompense for the rejected visa applications, this is not possible.
    • How long does visa processing take?
    • Visa processing normally takes 3-4 working day.
    • How much money is required for a Dubai visa?
    • Please check VISA PRICES & OPTIONS on this page
    • How many days can I stay in UAE on a tourist visa?
    • For single or multiple entry visas it can be issued to the UAE for 30 days or 60 days. Without leaving the country tourist visa can be extended for 30 days twice.
    • What are the different visa types?
    • The different types of visas in the UAE include a 30-day tourist visa, a 60-day tourist visa, a Transit visa, a student visa, a patient and his/her companion entry permits, e visa for GCC residents, Retirement visa for UAE residents.
    • What are the steps involved in visa processing?
    • To purchase your UAE Tourist visa enter your credit or debit card details. Upload the copies of your passport and also your photographs. After downloading your e-visa, keep track of your visa status. Get your visa on mail. Normally the visa processing may take 3-4 working days.
    • What should be the validity of my passport?
    • Your passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry. Your passport validity should be at least 3 months if you hold a residence permit.
    • Is the visa application fee refundable on the rejection of the visa application?
    • The visa application fee cannot be refunded. It will not be refunded by the embassy but if you have applied through a tourist agent then it will be refunded.
    • How long can I stay in UAE without a visa?
    • To visit the Emirates the citizens do not require a visa for a specified period of time. Without a visa, the EU citizens can stay in the UAE for up to 60 days but for the Chinese passport holders, it is for only 30 days.
    • What forms the full form of visa?
    • Visitors International stay admission is the full form of visa. Entering a particular country for a time period is possible through a visa.
    • How are single entry and multiple entry visas different from each other?
    • Single entry visa allows you to enter the country only once whereas multiple entries allow you to enter the country multiple times.
    • Through which mode will I receive my visa?
    • Your visa will be sent to your email, after processing.
    • Is it possible to reapply for the visa?
    • Yes, if you carefully meet the qualifying criteria then you can apply for a visa again.