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The Dubai Butterfly Garden is the largest closed insecticide in the world, where you can find many butterflies. Also, park owners grow butterflies here. There are 10 pavilions throughout the park, each with its decorations and butterflies. There are more than 15,000 butterflies in 26 different species in total. They fly freely on the premises, descend directly on visitors, and allow for the creation of stunning and memorable photos. Situated next to the current Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Butterfly Garden claims to be the "world's largest butterfly garden" with 10 custom built domes covering 6,673 square meters.
The Dubai Butterfly Garden is a climate-controlled dome that provides a peaceful environment for butterflies and allows them to open the dome throughout the year. Butterfly Garden supports the full breeding cycle of displayed butterflies. Workers at the park don't take butterflies out of the woods. Adult butterflies’ mate. Caterpillars eat as much as they eat in natural life. Workers in the park collect the complete pupa, taking visitors to a separate stand, where they see butterflies hatching from the pupa. watching the butterfly's entire life cycle, interacting with it and photographing the insects in your hands is one of the most popular activities at Butterfly Garden. Also, the Dubai Butterfly Garden features a gigantic museum, a collection of dry butterflies and plenty of educational materials, from colorful illustrations and videos to special stands featuring portraits of some of the UAE's most famous officials.

Inclusions/ Schedules

  • Ticket for the biggest covered butterfly garden in the world.
  • It consists of nine custom-built domes and a butterfly museum
  • Home to over 15,000 species of butterflies
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden open year-round for all public holidays
  • Opening Hours - 09.AM – 06.PM
  • Disabled and 2 years old and below Free of Charge


Dubai Butterfly Garden is the latest entry into Dubai's tourist destinations. Located alongside the Dubai Miracle Garden, this place is home to thousands of beautiful and colorful butterflies. Upon entering a tourist park, they can explore the butterfly and the insect museum. They see nine domes made of different colors, home to 24 different butterflies from different countries. In addition, there is a pond for Ibra where fish can be seen in vibrant colors of Ibra.
Dubai butterfly garden brings you eye-catching moments in your life. A visitor can learn a lot about the anatomy of butterflies and gain insight into their life cycle and transformation. Grab a bite from the coffee shop in the park and buy some souvenirs for your people and friends at the end of your visit. Butterfly Garden Dubai claimed to be the largest cover in the world. The Butterfly Museum has ten domes and custom-built domes with a circular garden. The ten domes are divided into four (4) sections. Thousands of beautiful butterflies in each dome, 50 species of butterflies of different sizes and colors are naturally active, flying around to visitors, standing on top of flowers and plants. In addition, many nectar plants of different colors are planted to feed the butterflies. The domes are climate-controlled, providing a peaceful environment for butterflies and allowing the dome to be open all year round.UBL Travels offers the best Dubai butterfly garden tickets at an affordable cost and gives the best experience in your life.


  • Revel in the most attractive and eye-catching Butterfly Garden in Dubai.
  • Joyful adventure with Dubai Butterflying Garden
  • Get a chance to study more than 15,000 butterflies of around 26 kinds.
  • Explore and learn at the Dubai Butterfly Garden
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden allows you to see how butterflies evolve through each stage.

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