5 cheapest and most popular countries to visit from Dubai

5 cheapest and most popular countries to visit from Dubai

Date published: Oct - 12 - 2019

Dubai is a travelers paradise. Dubai is the best location for travelers because it is situated between central Asia, Europe, and Africa. And it is the hub of the middle east.  If you are living in UAE you are lucky as a traveler because there are many places to visit in UAE itself and the cost of traveling from UAE to nearby countries is relatively less including the flight tickets. Here I am listing the countries that are most affordable, even though the top tourist attraction in UAE.


Just a few hours by plane, the cheap travel destination and is one of the most popular countries to visit from Dubai. Georgia is rich with charming towns, beautiful Caucasus Mountains, historical landmarks, ancient culture and language, delicious food, and vibrant history. It is capital Tbilisi (just a little over 3 hours away from Dubai by flight) Georgia‚Äôs capital Tbilisi is an eclectic place that features plentiful local markets offering attractive products at dirt cheap rates.  This country is worth the trip with cheap tickets and the Accommodation is economical according to global standards.


If you are looking for an island getaway for cool and clear weather for the upcoming summer, Zanzibar is the choice. A walk-in Stone Town, snorkeling, diving or kite surfing in Nungwi Beach, and the rock of Cheetah, a private animal shelter, are key attractions that allow you to understand the architectural Arabic, Indian, African and European influences.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an affordable travel destination from Dubai, it is a nature lover's paradise. Sri Lanka, also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is only 3 hours away from Dubai. Sri Lankan culture, lifestyle, and festivals are a favorite among tourists from all over the world. The capital city of Colombo is an incredible place with mountains, beautiful waterfalls, tea plantations, and shining bells. One of the most visited tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is a blend of colonial history, ancient Tamil, Sinhala, Buddhist traditions, rich attractions, water sports, and cuisine.


Whether it is accommodation, food or transportation, India is a dream destination for every budget traveler. Your daily expenses will be much lower.

An Indian-made thali with a mouthful of sweets served together on a large plate will never hurt your pocket. You can explore the country at a low cost using the extensive rail or road network, and the vast country offers a different experience in each state and every part of it. You can get inexpensive flights to any major cities if booked in advance.


Muscat, the capital city of Oman, is one of the best short-haul destinations from Dubai. If you want a budget-friendly road trip you can take a car from Dubai.

Musandam, located on the mountainous coast of Oman, known as the Norway of Arabia, is a haven for beach bums and history buffs. Another place you should check out in Oman is Salalah. During the rainy season, the phenomenon of magically turning the desert into a rainforest around the city is amazing. The main attractions are the Grand Mosque in Muscat and the beautiful handloom carpet that was once the world's largest rug.