5 Things Every Travel Agent Must Know in 2022!

5 Things Every Travel Agent Must Know in 2022!

Date published: Feb - 23 - 2022

A travel agent can advise you and help you save money. Things do happen. They also ensure that tourists have the proper travel documentation, so they don't miss their flight or cruise. And if something goes wrong, travel agencies have the tools and relationships to move travelers to the front of the queue.

 Spend Your Time in the Past

That is, previous clientele. Past clients are the most important source of cash for many agents. If you can keep them satisfied and ask for a reference, your reservations should go up. Keep in touch with them via email and learn how to utilize social media to your advantage. You can always be at the top of their thoughts when it comes time to organize their next holiday.

Ensure that clients have travel insurance.

Travel advisors should make certain that all customers purchase travel insurance for their vacations. Any customer flying should have some type of insurance, whether it is Basic, Cancel for Any Reason, or Covac. This will undoubtedly save you time and trouble in the future.

Familiarize yourself with the fundamental knowledge and make friends with a representative or two from several insurance companies. If your customer refuses to purchase travel insurance, make sure they send you an email stating so. Attaching insurance to a vacation will also earn you extra cash, as many insurance companies offer fees of 25-30%.

 Set Up COVID Policy Reminders

It is critical to examine and triple-check COVID rules closer to client departure in an ever-changing world. You can set a two-week reminder to re-email hotels and vendors in overseas places to check if there have been any changes or if any new regulations have been implemented (as sometimes hotel policies will differ from an actual governmental policy).  Also double-check the country's official website, as well as Sherpa and airline policy, a week before advance.

Set Objectives

Must understand that this is a huge endeavor and that many of us simply take each day as it comes, but setting goals and creating a strategy is critical to launching a business. Set objectives for how many new clients you want each month, how much money you want to earn in planning fees per month, your monthly sales targets, how many articles you want to write, and the type of content you want to generate. Once you have this in writing, check-in on a weekly basis to evaluate how you are doing and how you can catch up.

 Go Live now

Step outside the box and go live on social media in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Live video (Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live) is the most rapidly increasing social media medium, but it is also the least used by travel brokers.

Agents may use live streaming to get in front of their target market and communicate their message in a much more intimate way. It is anticipated that by 2020, live streaming would account for 80% of all internet transactions. It's simple and doesn't take long.

 Make Contact With Your VIP Clients

At the start of the year, check in with your VIP clientele. Inquire about their plans for the year. How do they see themselves spending the year traveling? Do they have any upcoming special events that require your assistance? What is on their bucket list, so you can be on the lookout for any exceptional deals? What are their summer and holiday plans? Making a year-long strategy can aid you when you learn about special packages throughout the year, as well as with your aims for rekindling connections.


There is no doubt that the previous two years have been difficult for the tourism business, but it is ironic that it was during these difficult times that we all have finally started touring now. Some are in search of a cheap travel agency in Dubai to make an affordable holiday.

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