All You Need To Know About SkyDiving

All You Need To Know About SkyDiving

Date published: May - 02 - 2022

General Information About Skydive Dubai

When visiting Dubai, skydiving should be at the top of your bucket list! Not only pros, but even first-timers, will have an unforgettable experience here. Skydive Dubai provides tandem skydiving experiences for first-timers and novices.

While experienced skydivers can fly solo if they have their license and certification, tandem skydiving is the best choice in Dubai. It provides safety and comfort to know that the expert skydiving teacher attached to your back handles the whole descent and landing.

Skydiving Types in Dubai

There are basically two types of skydiving that you may do in Dubai. You can choose between outdoor and indoor skydiving depending on your preferences. We will go through various types of skydiving in further detail and provide you with vital information so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Skydiving in The Outdoors

Outdoor skydiving is the way to go if you want to experience the genuine thing, like the ones you see on television and in Instagram videos. Outdoor skydiving is being carried in a plane to a high altitude and then jumping with all safety precautions in place.

Most first-timers and newcomers opt for tandem skydiving, in which you are firmly attached to a trained instructor, but if you have a skydiving license, you may surely go for a solo jump.

Dubai skydiving takes place in two sites, where you are brought to a flight of about 13,000 feet from ground level, strapped securely to a professional instructor, and then you take the plunge of a lifetime over the desert country.

A trained videographer will accompany you on your dive and film the entire experience when you spread your wings and pretend to fly!

2. Skydiving Indoors

Indoor skydiving is a relatively new concept, but it has grown in popularity all around the world. Indoor skydiving entails a vertical tube in which free-fall conditions are replicated using various simulations.

This type of skydiving is ideal for people who are trying out skydiving for the first time and do not want to take any risks. Indoor skydiving is far less expensive than outdoor skydiving, and you may experience the simulation of a genuine skydive in a short period of time.

Even youngsters above the age of two can participate in indoor skydiving. You may select indoor skydiving in Dubai to replicate a genuine skydive or offer your children a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Rules

In Dubai, there is outdoor skydiving. The diver's optimal age should be at least 18 years old. No one should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One should be in reasonably good health.

BMI Prerequisites:

Male - Body weight of 100.0 kg or less. Maximum BMI - 30.0

Females must weigh no more than 90.0 kg. Maximum BMI - 27.5

Dubai Indoor Skydiving

In Dubai, the minimum age for indoor skydiving is 12 years old. The weight barrier should be less than 180 cm tall, with a maximum weight of 105 kg. Over 180 cm: maximum weight of 115 kg.

Locations for Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving in Dubai takes place in two unique sites, the Desert Campus drop zone and the Palm drop zone, both of which are administered by Skydive Dubai, one of the major skydiving businesses.

1. Zone of the Desert Campus

This facility is located on the outskirts of Dubai and welcomes both experienced and first-time skydivers. The desert is really magnificent, and when you do the dive, you will be met with amazing views of the sand dunes, the vast desert that leads up to the stunning Dubai skyline. The stunning vistas will captivate you, and this exhilarating trip will stay with you for the rest of your life.

2. Zone of Palm Drops

It is a high-end skydiving destination in Dubai. The leap takes place over the majestic Palm Jamaica and provides breathtaking views of the Palm Islands and the Dubai cityscape, as well as a bird's eye perspective of notable spots such as Ain Dubai, the Atlantis hotel, and the Burj Al Arab, and the Dubai Marina.

Skydiving is a costly sport, costing several thousand dollars for a single jump, but the cost of the complete skydiving experience in Palm Drop in Dubai is around 2199 AED.

The cost of skydiving in Dubai is 45,000 rupees in Indian currency. During peak seasons, there are also several skydiving opportunities available in Dubai.

3. iFly Dubai

If you want to experience indoor skydiving, iFly Dubai is the place to go. The iFly's twin vertical wind tunnel elevates the simulated, gravity-defying skydiving experience to a whole new level.

The tunnels are 10 meters long and are encased in acrylic glass. High-level security measures assure your complete safety. The expert instructors will assist you as you take flight in this controlled atmosphere and enjoy yourself to the utmost.

4. InFlight Dubai 

It is another option for indoor skydiving in Dubai. Its tunnel has a diameter of 16.5 meters, making it one of the biggest in the world. This is one of the top skydiving places in Dubai, located in one of the excellent spots adjacent to Skydive Dubai's desert zone. Visitors may partake in an exciting blend of outdoor and indoor skydiving.

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