An Unknown World of Wildlife Adventure in Dubai

An Unknown World of Wildlife Adventure in Dubai

Date published: Nov - 29 - 2021

Dubai is home to many of the planet's greatest incredible sights and also has played an important part in improving tourism by hosting the world's leading, costliest, and largest spectacles. UBL is a prominent tour and travel agency in Dubai through which you can plan an affordable trip to Dubai.

Travel agent Dubai firms offer helps you have a great time with the not very much known wildlife in the city of gold. Altogether, the Safari Park in Dubai is amongst the most fascinating sites for people to travel to Dubai.

And there is no explanation why you shouldn't take a trip to the Dubai Safari Park coming season to pay a visit to nearly 2,500 species of animals and a diverse range of vegetation spread across 119 hectares of land.

Dubai Safari Park is regarded as among the city's foremost environmentally friendly attractions. It has been one of the greatest locations for children to go to Dubai to see exotic creatures real close.

The Dubai Safari Park is home to over 3000 animal species and is regarded as among the most environmentally friendly tourist attractions in Dubai. The Safari Park is one of the best venues in Dubai for kids to get up and personal with wild animals. Continue reading to learn more about the popular highlights of Dubai's Safari Park and how to arrange your day during your trip.

Dubai Safari Park's Safari Village

The Open Safari experience that one would have throughout their safari excursion is one of the most fascinating parts of the Dubai Safari Park. The open safari idea introduces guests to the African and Asian styles of jungle safaris and woods. Visitors can sit in well-designed cars with secure seats and observation areas. They can get a good look at the Safari Park's plethora of wildlife.

Baboons, deer, cheetahs, water buffalos, and zebras are among the creatures found in the Safari Park. A visit to this magnificent man-made Safari Park would be incomplete without seeing the beautiful lions and the fearsome tigers. These animals are the Safari Village's main draw.

The crocodiles' exhibit and the open-air theatre for bird and reptile performances are two of the most famous experiences for children. Safari Park also boasts a solar-powered rippling waterfall feature which has been created to improve the park's habitat.

The African Village

The African settlement at Dubai's Safari Park provides an excellent introduction to the environment and species of the African Savannas. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy an African Wildlife Safari while in the UAE.

The African Safari is one of the most popular activities at the Safari Park, where you may view enormous tortoises, chimps, African wild dogs, big white lions, and other animals. One of the highlights of this safari is seeing the pride of African tigers chilling behind the glass enclosure.

The Arabian Village

The Arabian village reflects the UAE's natural scenery. The Dubai Safari Park contains sandy deserts, rugged mountain terrains, and lush green meadows. This is one of the greatest places to get a taste of the Dubai desert in a safe setting.

It is home to many amazing species, including Nilgais, Antelopes, and many others. The pack of wolves at the Safari is one of the must-see attractions. The gorgeous gazelles wandering about the Safari are a sight to behold.The Asian Village

One of the most beautiful and unusual zones in Dubai Safari Park is the Asian village, which emanates from classic East Asian architecture. One of the unique features of this Asian community is the presence of Asia's sole big ape.

Aside from that, one may observe enormous Komodo dragons, gibbons, and moon bears. This zone may be walked through if the cars are abandoned. They are shielded from harm by the lush vegetation and lofty canopy of trees.

Village of Wadi

The Wadi Village is the Safari Park's recreational enclave in Dubai. After a long day of wildlife discovery and safari, it is the ideal spot to unwind and relax. The entire arena is constructed with lush flora, demonstrating the Dubai municipality's role in its creation. Following the Safari, the location serves as an excellent recreation center. The solar-powered fish pond is a sight to behold.

The Kids Farm

This is the most remarkable and enjoyable aspect of the location. There is also an area for children where they may participate in fascinating and adventurous activities. The Dubai Safari Park is a great place for youngsters to have fun.

The children's farm is particularly built for young visitors who may spend the day learning about farm animals such as cows, lambs, goats, and chickens. The kids may spend their time learning about how to milk cows and ride horses, as well as connecting with the outdoors.

Timetables for Dubai Safari Park

The Safari Park is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the moment. It's important to bear in mind that exploring the Safari Park in its entirety might take anywhere from 5 to 6 hours. If you're going to the Safari Park, make sure to schedule your visit properly.

 The Safari Park's Ticket Rates Are as follows:

·        The Dubai Safari Park tickets cost 50 AED (1000 INR) for adults

·        and 20 AED (400 INR) for children.

 Dubai has always pushed the envelope in terms of ecotourism. One of the nicest locations to visit in Dubai with your family is the Dubai Safari Park. Contact Pickyourtrail's location specialists to personalize a Dubai vacation package that meets your needs.