Basic UAE rules and regulations should be known for Foreigners.

Basic UAE  rules and regulations should be known for Foreigners.

Date published: Jul - 29 - 2019

Foreign nationals including UAE nationals seeking employment You must comprehend all the main UAE visa rules, of the law. It will also help us to identify with our responsibilities as a foreigner living in work and social life.

Work Permit

Every foreign worker working in the country must obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Home Affairs under federal law. The employer shall bear the cost of all proceedings relating to the appointment of the worker. The same applies to residence visas and work permits. The employer must pay the employee every month in accordance with the wage protection laws of the country, through banks or other financial institutions.

Working Hours

Working hours for normal employees are eight hours a day or 48 hours a week. Some areas, such as hotels and security services, are subject to change in their working hours. The probation period must not exceed six months. The worker must be given leave one day a week. If working outside the working hours of holidays or working days, the employer is obligated to pay overtime pay based on time.

During the official holidays in the country, the worker must be paid with paid leave. In addition, the thirty-day annual leave every year is a legal benefit for foreign workers.

Social Manners

Do not insult or discriminate against anyone in the name of religion, racism, words, or deeds. It is strictly forbidden by law. Disseminating posts via social media in a manner that is derogatory to the country or insulting other people is a criminal act. Social media should be used for qualitative purposes.

In Public Places

The main rules for foreigners to follow in public places include decent clothes and manners. You should go to decent clothes in public places. Expressions of love in public places can invite punishment, including fines.

Do not eat or drink in public places during Ramadan. It is illegal to possess or possess liquor without a license in the country. The law prohibits the consumption of alcohol in public places and the consumption of alcohol in public places.

Offenses and Punishments

    • Sharing a dwelling place with unrelated people of the opposite sex and living together without getting married is an offense.

    • If you work for another company or individual without the employer's permission - a fine of Dh50,000.

    • Betrayal of Faith - three years in prison and fine.

    • Bribery - up to 10 years in prison. Bribery - up to 5 years in prison.

    • If falsely accused - six months imprisonment and a fine of Dh3,000.

    • Upon the expiry of the residence visa - a fine of Dhs.25 / - per day for the first six months, 50 Dhs after that and a Dh1,000 / - per day after one year.

    • Gambling - imprisonment for two years and a fine of Dh20,000.

    • Drug trafficking and murder - Imprisonment for life Theft - imprisonment not more than three years.

    • If the documents were manipulated - up to 10 years in prison.