Beautiful Island of Zanzibar

Beautiful Island of Zanzibar

Date published: Jan - 13 - 2020

The beautiful island of Zanzibar is located on Africa's east coast with white sand beaches and palms swaying in the cool breeze representing their culture and history. Being the semi-autonomous part of Tanzania it consists of two large islands and many small islands. Zanzibar is entirely Muslim. The mainland of Tanzania has a mix of religions like Christian, Muslim and other indigenous groups.Get Best Deals - Zanzibar Packages

Learn the language

Learning the language is quite easy, as it is a simple language to pick up. If you learn the basics, it is enough to take you to rather heights. More than purchasing anything from the street side it is very important to say hello to them and it represents the local culture. Their greetings are called a "Shikamoo” which is used to show respect to strangers and elders. They try to get your attention not just to make you buy something but as a friendly approach.

Stone Town

Visiting the stone town is a must as it is small and safe too. Even though there are street names mentioned no one really uses them and you will not reach your destination any faster like you think it to be. The locals are very helpful and will provide you with the right direction but it's better to get lost and then explore the place.

Posh x Serene

Zanzibar has become home to many posh luxury resorts, but at the same time, there are serene places to be visited too. Nungwi and Kendwa are the best beaches and have all-inclusive packages and beach discos. If you want to experience the quieter side of Zanzibar Island, then explore towns like Bwejuu or Jambiani.

Taste the mix

Zanzibar cuisines are a mix of all traditions like Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arab and African delicacies - all a spicy mix. You will enjoy the African cuisines, Indian chapatti, and curries, and also taste as much fresh seafood along with them. The main ingredients of their soup are turmeric, coconut, crispy fritters, and spiced potatoes. If you receive eggs without the yellow part don’t doubt it is not given. Both egg yolk and egg white are white in color as it has less pigmentation. Don't hesitate, have them both.

Be a nightrider

Even though you will find it a bit spooky with the dim-lit streets and back alleys, you shouldn't shut yourself in the room and not let you breathe the freshness offered by the night. The Stone Town comes to life at the night time, where people start feasting, kids playing and couples taking a stroll through the town while having the street foods like spicy Indian foods and Zanzibar pizza followed by sugar cane juice.