Best and must-see places in Dubai with your children

Best and must-see places in Dubai with your children

Date published: May - 06 - 2021

Planning a trip to Dubai? 

Dubai has always been the paradise of travellers and a magnet for family vacations. Tours and travels in Dubai is one of those sectors that consistently flourish even in off seasons. When planning a vacation with family, always hire a Dubai tour agency as they can offer you a seamless travel. Here is our list of top ten places and attractions in Dubai to visit with your family

   1.Palm jumeirah

Magnificently stretching towards the Persian gulf, Dubai’s palm jumeirah is a thing of true beauty. This archipelago resembles a palm tree, extending its branches to the ocean. This top tourist destination is a hot favorite among travellers as it is home to some major tourist spots like Atlantis, Aqua venture waterpark, lost chambers aquarium etc.

   2. The Dubai fountain

Shooting dancing water as high as 500 feet, the Dubai fountain is a true spectacle to its visitors. Tourists from all over the world are constantly drawn to this magical water spell that is choreographed with specific timings.

  3. Burjkhalifa

Burjkhalifa is a wonder of architecture that showcases Dubai’s world-class engineering resources. A trip to Dubai will be incomplete without visiting this majestic building of pure art.

  4. Global village

Dubai global village personifies Dubai’s vibrant cultural diversity and richness. It’s a one-stop destination for global entertainment, shopping, food and events. Global village takes its visitors into a unique journey of shows and activities from cultures all over the world.

  5. Burj al arab

One of the best premium hotels located in the first manmade island of Dubai. This iconic landmark has an exquisite design featuring top notch luxurious amenities and the richest suites. Standing proud at a height of 180 meters, this hotel portrays an element of royalty, evident from its stunning interiors.

  6. Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

Located in downtown Dubai, the aquarium and underwater zoo displays a wealthy marine life of over 30,000 ocean species. This biological tourist spot is considered one of its kind in the world.

 7. Dubai marina

Dubai marina is the canal city that proves Dubai’s architectural prowess. This waterfront development is a hub of modern lifestyles, high-end entertainments and upscale habitats. Dubai marina is an integral part of tours and travels in Dubai and one of the frequently visited places.

 8. La mer

One of the latest additions to the tourists attractions of Dubai, la mer features a calm and pleasing environment. The beaches and shorelines promise a lot of water activities and the restaurants offer exotic cuisines that fill their visitors with a soothing vacation vibe.

 9. Basatakiya

Basatakiya can be a nice spot to visit if you are interested in the intriguing Dubai heritage and traditions. Basatakiya is one of the last remains of Dubai’s eventful history. You can see remnants of Arab culture like old houses, towers, mosques etc. that give you a glimpse of the origins of the now ultra-modern city.

 10. Dubai miracle garden

Miracle garden in Dubai land is a very popular flower garden that provides its visitors a rare visual treat. You may literally get lost in the sea of over 100 species of exotic flowers that calms the mind and body alike.

A lot more of these are waiting for you in Dubai. Being the fourth most visited place in the world, this wonderful city never ceases to amaze its travellers. A good travel agency in Dubai can ensure you a pleasant and enjoyable stay with a memorable vacation.