Best Places & Tourist Attractions To Visit in Dubai This Year

 Best Places & Tourist Attractions To Visit in Dubai This Year

Date published: Oct - 17 - 2022

The Adventures and Hospitality offered by Dubai are unparallel to any other destination. As a leading Dubai Travel Agency we know that every year, millions of tourists flock to Dubai because of the city's diverse offerings, thrilling attractions, first-rate hotels, outstanding infrastructure, and meeting, dining, shopping, and entertainment facilities. For people of all classes, tours and travel in Dubai are very safe and reasonably priced. That is another Interesting factor that draws travellers from all around the world.
The activities that Dubai provides are unsurpassed by any other place; a thrilling quad bike ride across the golden dunes, an exciting trip to the museum of the future, and unwinding on its stunning beaches will all live on in the memories of any visitor.
As a leading tour operator in Dubai, we would like to suggest some of the best spots to visit in Dubai this year

Museum of Future

The Museum of the Future, a brand-new tourist destination in Dubai, is regarded as one of the most exquisite structures in the entire globe. The museum is a seven-story hollow circular building made of stainless steel that is etched with Arabic calligraphy quotes and is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, the city's major thoroughfare. The museum transports guests on an immersive voyage to the year 2071, which is also the 100th anniversary of the UAE's formation. The seven-story structure is an engineering wonder with no pillars. The museum offers a variety of futuristic experiences, including trips to space, expeditions into the Amazon, and spas for the senses. It makes use of the most recent advances in artificial intelligence, big data analysis, virtual reality, and augmented reality. 

Dubai Underwater Aquarium

More than 33,000 aquatic animals from more than 140 species can be seen in the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, which is housed in The Dubai Mall. The 10 million litre tank at the aquarium is home to more than 400 sharks and rays. Sand tiger sharks, giant groupers, and a variety of other marine animals are also present in the aquarium. This is just one of the reasons you have to stop by this location while on your Dubai tour.

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, is also listed in the Guinness World Records as having the "Largest Acrylic Pane." Visitors may get up close to our aquatic fauna, which includes sea horses, octopuses, and many other species, thanks to this series of well-planned experiences.

Palm Islands

Palm island known as the eighth wonder of the world is a man-made island with the shape of a palm tree. These offshore islands were built from reclaimed land, and because of their novelty and Dubai's rapidly expanding tourist industry, they have subsequently become well-liked vacation spots.

The three islands that make up the Dubai Palm Islands are Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira—Palm Jumeirah is the only one accessible to outsiders. In addition to the well-known luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah is home to a number of residential buildings, some of which are occupied by famous people like David Beckham. 

Miracle Garden

It will be odd to see flowers in the desert. But the Dubai miracle garden is an exception to this statement. A place with 45 million flowers beautifully arranged in various shapes and sizes. This floral garden has the record for making the largest floral structure in the shape of the Airbus A380.

About 15000 different species of butterflies can be found in the Area's dedicated butterfly garden. Each season, they also host unique events. The Miracle Garden is a must-see location if you're planning a trip to Dubai, but it's not open every day of the month. Between October and April, it will be open. Ensure that your visit falls within this month.
Ski Dubai Snow Park
Ski Dubai is the largest snow park in the UAE and a distinctive location in this bustling metropolis. Whether you're skiing or snowboarding, you'll be able to satisfy all of your mountain adrenaline demands at once.Ski slopes, bobsleds, ski lifts, and interactions with penguins are all part of the excitement of Ski Dubai, so get ready to put your adventure metres on high alert! The park, which is home to King and Gentoo penguins, provides visitors with a number of opportunities to contact these amazing creatures. A brand-new adventure at Ski Dubai is the chance to swim with penguins!

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