COVID-19 alerts on UAE visas

COVID-19 alerts on UAE visas

Date published: Oct - 18 - 2020

In the UAE last month, authorities announced that whose resident visas expired during The covid-19 outbreak was extended to the year-end. It was agreed to assist tenants and businesses in the development of strict residence initiatives to deter the transmission of the coronavirus. However, when people start leaving the country on repatriation while others stay overseas, they cannot return because planes have been grounded and borders closed.


The UAE exempted thousands of dirhams on the fines of Indian ex-pats whose visas were due before 1 March, allowing them to return home, according to the media study, without extra expenditure during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Gulf News quotes the Indian Consulate in Dubai in a report mentioned already 145 Indians have gained from the process that was suggested by the Indian Missions in the UAE. The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi declared on July 22 that they would implement a new scheme to allow India's repatriation aircraft without paying the due sum until August 17 to return to India, the article reported. This is possible for Indians whose residence and visit visas had expired before March 1.


To summarise

The Identity and Citizen's Authority (ICA) of the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) has declared on April 13 that all visas, entry permits, and ID cards which may be expired shall remain valid till December 31, 2020. It will remain valid to alleviate the effect of the national coronavirus disease prohibitions (COVID-19). Visas of citizenship expired in early March, whether the applicant is already in or outside UAE, will be extended to the latest expiry period. Moreover, visit visa (Dubai) of the people already inside the UAE which was expired at the beginning of March will also be extended by the end of 2020.


Emirates Airlines (EK), the UAE flag carrier, declared on 13 April it will commence operation of a small number of international outbound passenger planes from terminal 3 Dubai International Airport (DXB). Thermal screening is mandatory for all departing passengers. Initially, all passenger and transit airlines had been canceled from 24 March by Emirates Airlines in order to limit the progress of COVID-19.


In addition to the dissemination of COVID-19, the UAE has travel bans and protective steps comparable to initiatives taken internationally by other governments. COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory syndrome caused by SARS-CoV-2 (formerly known as 2019-Nov) infection. Symptoms appear within 1-14 days (average 3-7 days) of exposure. These signs include fever, exhaustion, toxins, respiratory difficulties, pneumonia, and kidney failure occasionally-particularly for people with medical conditions underlying the disease. The continuing COVID-19 the outbreak was declared a pandemic by the WHO on 11 March. You can contact us for any UAE visa services.