Digital Platforms Have Improved Our Experience in Dubai From the Water

Digital Platforms Have Improved Our Experience in Dubai From the Water

Date published: Mar - 03 - 2022

Cities are complicated, dense constructions where the vast majority of people live and work. Global urbanization has grown in recent decades, placing strain on infrastructure, social and economic institutions, and the environment.

The compact and confined form of cities impedes mobility, physical expansion, resource availability and provisioning, economic activity planning and interconnection, urban planning, and, last but not least, environmental cleanliness.

When it comes to the problems faced by urbanization, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area is no exception.

The Booking

Tourists come to Dubai to enjoy everything the city has to offer, so they're eager to arrange various leisure activities, particularly watersports, while they're there. They have a lot of options.

Wakeboarding, kitesurfing, diving, and jet skiing are all options for travelers who want to get out on the water and see Dubai in a different way than they would on the mainland.

The Burj Khalifa's popularity

The towering Burj Khalifa is, of course, one of Dubai's most famous landmarks. This skyscraper has more than 160 stories and is more than 828 meters (2,716.5 feet) tall, making it the world's highest structure. It also has the highest observation deck in the world, for which tickets may be purchased, as well as the elevator with the greatest journey distance in the globe, among other records.

However, not everyone wants to get tickets to gaze at this massive structure from within it. The building seems especially beautiful from the sea, which is why renting a boat or yacht has become a popular method to view it. Seeing Dubai, particularly the Burj Khalifa, from the sea has become extremely alluring, causing the yachting sector to take off.

However, yachting in Dubai isn't only about the sights. Tourists may mix adventure and luxury to create experiences that will make their visit to Dubai more unforgettable. Who wouldn't want to own a small house on the lake for a short period of time? If they could, many people would choose the peacefulness of the waves.

How technology has altered the way we travel

Although the days of seeing a travel agent aren't entirely gone, it's far quicker to get online and start searching when making or considering making vacation plans.

People may use the internet to research places, read reviews, compare costs, and do a variety of other things. Travel firms who operate online are aware of this, and the internet, like so many other sectors, has become a true fight for the customer's business.

Customers' lives have been made easier by the ability to book online. They can reap a variety of advantages.

Booking in a matter of seconds

Booking through a traditional travel agency may be a time-consuming procedure. You can walk in and get a few brochures, but you'll have to go back and book with the travel agent in person. That can take time, however being able to book a boat, vacation, or anything else you need to accomplish online allows you to do so in just a few clicks.

 Price comparison

Customers can quickly compare costs and choose the greatest offers. Competition among providers is high, which is excellent news for consumers, who may truly snag a deal as operators compete to offer them the best price.


The booking process is simple. Websites are meant to make it as simple as possible for consumers to do what they need to do. Visitors do not have to deal with language limitations or the uncertainty of not being able to arrange the vacation or reservation they desire.


Whereas travel agencies are only open for a certain number of hours each day, the availability of internet operators allows those who want to travel or charter a boat to do so whenever it is convenient for them. They may browse and book late at night if they want to.

Customers are not forced to book over the phone.

The usage of phone system software creates a significant bottleneck for the business, requiring clients to call one at a time (or more if the firm uses many lines) and perhaps endure long delays. This is a major cause of irritation for a client, especially if they are unable to make the desired booking or obtain the necessary information when they eventually get through.

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