Dubai And Oman Tours Combination for The Perfect Middle East Round Trip

Dubai And Oman Tours Combination for The Perfect Middle East Round Trip

Date published: Aug - 03 - 2021

As the world and middle east are reopening to the meandering tourists again, travel agencies are re-scheming their strategies on Dubai tours and travels. Even though the Middle East is best recognized for its vast oil reserves, the tourist industry has gotten just as much, if not more, attention. The fact that sixty million people visited this continental region annually attests to this, particularly with Tour Packages from Dubai, which provide you with a wide range of entertainment in one trip. In the last year or so, two locations in this geographical area, Oman and Dubai Trips, have successfully utilized the tourist industry's potential.

Oman Tours from Dubai are a must-do for a multi-destination trip because of their proximity and what they have to offer the ordinary tourist. Being one of the most popular Dubai tour agencies, UBL travels help you find the best pick of your Oman-Dubai travel package.

Major Tourist Spots in Oman

Oman is the oldest independent state in Arabia and home for millions of people from all around the world. It is a small country with huge potential for tourism due to the traditional value, modernization, and natural beauty. Most travelers all over the world overlook this precious stone in front of them available to experience an awesome trip. UBL is a Dubai tour agency that you can contact to arrange a trip to Oman.

Add Oman to your travel bucket list for the next vacation or as the next destination. Here includes some major tourist spots anyone can visit and have some memorable moments to know the potential of Oman in tourism.

Al Jebel Al Akhdar

Al Jebel Al Akhdar Mountain resides at the Northern side of Oman in the Al Hajar Range. It is also known as Green Mountain. The region is desert in its nature with exemptions of a little annual rainfall that cause agricultural growth. This agricultural growth gave the name “Green Mountain”. Off-road lovers will not miss this region if they visit due to the possibilities to have fun with their 4 x 4 vehicles.

Only those 4 x 4 vehicles could climb the mountain due to the extreme climate and rough road circumstance. The greenery offers a great view from the top and bottom of the mountain from all directions. It has everything that an adventure seeker or a normal traveler looking for.


Bahla is famous among travelers for centuries passed and still stays as one of the beautiful destinations. This is also situated in the Northern side of the Oman. The fort of Bahla from the 13th century is a monument of fascinating history and Oman’s international relations. A 40 km ride from Bahla will take you to another historic fort named Nizwa.

The wall of the city is also a sightseeing attraction for tourists to experience from Bahla. The wall made from stretch and adobe and has a length of 7 miles. The traditional pottery from Bahla is well-known around Oman so, this place can offer various souvenirs for travelers who like to have something from anywhere they can reach.


Salalah is one of the prominent regions in Oman due to the development and the traditional value. It was once the home of Sultan Qaboos, the palace is still standing with all its luxurious look and architectural values. Another interesting fact about Salalah is the nature. Every year, it becomes and oasis of greenery due to the constant rainfall. This happens when the monsoon clouds from India reaches the region.

It makes the region agriculturally salubrious and creates temporary waterfalls and streams. Since this happens, it becomes a major choice for the people who love greenery.


Muscat is a place where most of the people heard of even without the knowledge that it situated in Oman. Museums, traditional and modern hotels, forts, water bodies, palaces, and the scope for travelers are huge in Muscat than anywhere in Oman. No religion is prohibited from visiting any religious or non-religious monuments in this region. So, anyone across the world can enjoy Muscat completely without restrictions.

Major Tourist Spots in Dubai

With its marvelous sandy dunes and the buzzing city life, Dubai can be deemed as a distinct travel destination for visitors. Here are some of the major tourist spots in Dubai you might want to visit.

Burj Khalifa

With a height of 2,700 ft, the Burj Khalifa is now the world's biggest building.  This modern architectural masterpiece must be your top location to visit whenever in Dubai or the UAE, with two viewing platforms, an enchanting fountain, nine of the city's top luxury hotels, and several eateries. Also, to avoid last-minute problems, make sure you buy your tickets in advance.

Dubai Mall

With an expanse of over 500,000 square metres, the Dubai Mall, widely known as the headquarters of the Dubai Retail Festival, is one of the world's busiest shopping malls! The mall was awarded the finest shopping life experience by Grazia Magazine in 2010, with over 1200 stores, big walk-through aquariums, a world-class ice rink, 14,000 parking spaces, and other thrilling activities for consumers.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a projected man-made canal metropolis located in the region known as New Dubai. Its magnificent waterfront development along the Persian Gulf beachfront offers affluent living. There are high-end hotels, luxury shops, and other entertainment opportunities in this area. The Dubai Marina Mall Complex, a retail and leisure attraction, is also located there.

How UBL Travels is Your Perfect Option for Middle East Tours and Travels?

With our fascinating Dubai-Oman travel packages, you can go on a thrilling adventure to the emerald metropolis and the Sultanate of Oman. With a fascinating journey to one of the most intriguing places, explore the heritage of the Middle East like never before. UBL travels can find you the best spots and trip destinations that suit your travel hunger and budget. Our packages accommodate Dubai tours and travels of all kinds and types. We are one of the leading service providers in Dubai tours and travels for more than a decade. With global resources and expert travel agents at your service, we can make your journey pleasurable and memorable.