Date published: Jun - 08 - 2021

There are several reasons why you should book your vacation in Dubai in June. Cheaper flights, attractive hotel rates, weather and a quiet vacation time devoid of the noise of peak season. Sounds good already? Just wait till you hear the fun activities you can do in June. Travel guides at any Dubai travel agency can vouch you a good time in Dubai in the month of June.


Dubai, in June is hot and humid. This is one of the reasons Dubai experiences less tourist inflow during June. But if you can handle a little temperature, June offers insane perks for the traveller. Hotel rates are the lowest at June, flight tickets are greatly affordable and the crowd-less Dubai is going to be a paradise for the quietness-seeking tourist. June is also the month of many important events and festivals that you will get to attend. With the low influx of tourists and the festive season, there’s no limit to the number of offers and discounts you are going to get in Dubai malls and shops. Overall, June is a great time for travels in Dubai. So get ready to enjoy as the city is all yours!

There are plenty of exciting activities to do in Dubai in the month of June. Here are a few:


Are you a fan of deep sea diving? If yes, you should definitely check out the Dive Atlantis which is a part of the luxury hotel Atlantis the palm. This is one of the most popular diving spots in Dubai housing almost 60,000 of marine species. Sea diving in June is both refreshing and thrilling. The experienced guides will help you have the best time witnessing the beautiful depths of Middle Eastern ocean.


Who does not like a good show? One of the largest choreographed water fountains in the world, the fountain show outside Dubai mall is a famous tourist attraction. The dancing water attracts a number of spectators every night. The colorful jets of water rise as high as 150 cm killing it with their special dance moves. If you are in Dubai, no matter what time of the year, the fountain show is undoubtedly not something you want to miss.


The Dolphinarium is a great place to visit with your family in June. This is one of the favorite tourist spot of children. The Dolphinarim conducts water shows and events with dolphins and seals. Watch these majestic and beautiful sea creatures as they keep the fun around. The Dolphinarium is an ideal tourist spot for you if you want a quiet and fun outing for the evening.


Do you like theatres? Then you definitely need to witness La perle, the biggest theatre performance show in Dubai. The 270 degree viewing angle makes the show a novel experience for the audience with 65 skilled showmen performing spectacular stunts on stage. This captivating event is sure to offer its onlookers a distinct theatre experience while in Dubai. La perle is also an excellent place for family outings as you get to enjoy a more profound show with a less crowded audience.


June need not be all red-hot and sweltering. If you are in the mood to play with snow, you can enjoy some gondola rides in the Ski Dubai snow park. This is the first ever indoor sky park in Middle East. Roll around and have fun diving into the piles of fresh snow. This indoor snow park is a world of itself, offering you the best winter in the month of scorching heat. Oh, and don’t forget to meet the cute penguins while you are busy with the snow rides.


A trip to Dubai will not be complete without a stroll to the Aquaventure water park. A part of palm Atlantis hotel, this adventure waterpark is filled with joyrides, slides and water attractions. Take part in the best water sports and games, watch sharks up close and do many more. The Aquaventure waterpark is the best place to take your family to. The private beach of the hotel is an excellent spot to relax after a bunch of adrenaline pumping fun rides.


While the day time in Dubai is mostly for the work bustles, at night the city lights up with shopping, festivities and fun. Take a night stroll through the busy evening streets of Dubai and check out the street vendors.  The night markets are the perfect place to explore and discover hidden treasures you may not find anywhere else in the world. Shop for exotic goods, spices, souvenirs, clothes and whatnot. Since this is also the time of eid, shopping is going to be extra fun this month. You can find a number of curious goods and attractions exclusive to the eid season.


The desert road fun is an important event in Dubai that takes place usually at the start of June. Many fitness and health enthusiasts from around the world gather together for this road event featuring 10k, 5k and 3k distances. The track is quite thrilling and safe running fanatics. There is also an attractive award waiting for the winner at the finish line.


Cruising can be ranked at the top of exciting activities to do in Dubai in the month of June. Feast your eyes to the splendid Dubai cityscapes with a luxurious boat ride and dining in the shining waters. Dubai creeks are an important part of Dubai tours and travels. Cruising at Dubai Park has its own distinct ambience and charm that forces you to come back for more. The alluring waters will give you the riches ant quietest evening in a lavish boat. There is no better way to view and cherish the majestic city than a cruise at Dubai creek. If you are visiting Dubai in June, you should definitely treat yourself with a surplus cruise in Dubai creek.



A trip to Dubai in June, unlike popular speculations, can be thrilling and unique. The city holds an abundance of events, places and attractions for the fun-thirsty traveller. As one of the best travel agency in Dubai, we can help you have a memorable vacation experience in Dubai. Our final words of wisdom- if you are dreaming of travelling to Dubai do not wait for the peak season to execute. June definitely has its charms!