Dubai’s Unforgettable Attractions for Nature Lovers

Dubai’s Unforgettable Attractions for Nature Lovers

Date published: Jan - 24 - 2022

Are you experiencing the blues from being at home and not getting some sun? The pleasant Arabian winter weather is ideal for taking advantage of. In the magnificent metropolis of Dubai, get out, explore, and have fun in nature.

This is ideal not just for frequent travellers, but also for anybody wishing to get out of the house while still participating in outdoor activities throughout the COVID-19 season.

Here are some places to add to the list:

1.  Big Red

If you want to get away from the surroundings of tall buildings like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj al Arab, travel to the Big Red, which is just outside of Dubai. This brilliant red, uninterrupted sandy desert, located on the Dubai-Hatta route, is ideal for dune bashing and enjoying a night out under the stars.

        2.  The Miracle Garden in Dubai

The Dubai Miracle Garden should be at the top of your list if you prefer nature or being outside. Despite being man-made, this stunning natural marvel holds multiple Guinness World Records floral arrangements. Plan a visit if you enjoy flowers and wish to snap stunning photographs for your memory.

          3.  Fossil Rock

 The stunning natural site of Fossil Rock is only a short drive away on the Dubai-Hatta route. The remarkable experience is mostly due to the 80 million-year-old fossils. The pristine landscape, rugged hills, and blue skies make the trip worthwhile!

4.  Mistake

Hatta, a tiny village roughly an hour's drive from Dubai's city centre, remains a popular destination for travellers and locals eager to get away from the metropolis. Nestled in the highlands, this charming resort provides spectacular vistas and natural waterholes for kayaking and paddleboarding while enjoying the peaceful stillness of nature all around.

5.  Lakes of Al Qudra

Another magnificent handmade natural site near Dubai is the Al Qudra Lakes. This lovely haven is home to almost 200 bird species! Enjoy a picnic, a quiet day, seeing unusual birds, or a fun family excursion with your loved ones. You will not be dissatisfied!

6.  Trekking with Camel

Spend a relaxing morning (in the winter) or evening (in the summer) on a camel ride desert safari in Dubai. Look out for desert gazelles and Arabian oryx on this camel trip in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Relax on the 45-minute trip to the lake, where you may enjoy a picnic breakfast with bubbles (in the winter) or strawberries with bubbles (in the summer).

The return ride takes 45 minutes, giving you a total of 90 minutes on the camel, which goes by much too quickly. Pick-up and drop-off from your Dubai location are included. This is a typical desert activity and one of the most popular things to do in Dubai.

7.  Aventura Parks

Adventure in the treetops, zip down zip lines, negotiate high rope obstacles, and dive off Tarzan Swings, all while soaking in the breathtaking landscape. Aventura is the region's largest zip line course with over 80 climbing, tree-surfing, zip-lining, and rope-crossing obstacles scattered across 5 different levels, off the ground and between the trees.

Sports, adventure, and enjoyment are assured for people of all ages and abilities. Aventura is a location where you may have a fantastic day in the great outdoors while being safe. Another enjoyable activity for younger guests in Dubai.

There are several things to do in Dubai, including attractions, Dubai sightseeing, shopping, desert safaris, and much more. You'll discover interesting activities to do in the UAE you're looking for as a nature adventure. Dubai has got plus points for their tours and travels experiences. UBL Travels, a tour agency in Dubai can help you with planning your next trip to the UAE.