Dubai, which I learned in a week.

Dubai, which I learned in a week.

Date published: Jul - 31 - 2019

Someone calls it the ‘Paris’ of the Middle East. This is a distinctive business center in one's eyes, and to another, 'a beautiful travel destination, this is the culture of the UAE's Dubai city. In the meantime I had the opportunity to attend a convention of Indian Travel Agents and get closer to Dubai. Here are the things about dubai i learned within a week.

Many Indians Anywhere in Dubai

Upon arriving here, looking at multi-story buildings, modern lifestyles, infrastructure and law and order, I realized that I was overseas. But when talking to people, I recognized Indianism everywhere.

There are a lot of Indian people here and most of them are Malayalees. Sit in any taxi and the driver will speak Malayalam or Hindi. Go to any hotel, the waiter will be a Hindi person and any shop owner or aide will speak Malayalam. Most Indians do not occupy a high position here, but their salaries are like those of the princes of India. Many Indians do their business here, and many attract the residents of Dubai because of their talent.


You won't see people spitting here in Dubai. This is not just about maintaining hygiene, but in laws. There is no spit or dirt on the ground. In the sixties in Dubai, oil was found on the land, and it is believed that the oil is the only reason for this land. You have to respect it every moment.

Thousands of Invoicing Activities:

There is a lot of traffic here. Any driver is afraid to break the rules. As in India, the police have no intention of going green or yellowing notes. The police are nowhere to be seen, there are cameras everywhere. Where the rules are violated, the photo will be taken, and in time the invoice will come home to what is his fault.

By the end of the year, all such invoices will need to be filled out, or the NOC will not be available to drive the vehicle further. The fine amount is not just a few rupees, but the usual amount of salary for many months.

Pre-paid Toll Tax:

Your vehicle must have a pre-paid toll tax card here. There are many ways toll tax. Whenever your vehicle goes under them, that amount is automatically deducted from the card's prepaid dirhams.

If you do not have a prepaid card, it becomes fifty times more invoice. The speed of drivers on each road is fixed. When the speed is high or low, the camera and operating amount are waiting for you.

The Beauty of Dubai

No Horn Plays:

Have been here for about a week but have never heard of a car horn. Everything is organized and there is no need to play the horn. For this reason, there is no noise pollution on the streets.

Getting a license is not easy:

It is said that getting a job in Dubai is easy but not a driving license. Here, the license needs to be renewed every three years. There are many checks and fees to get licensed for the first time. Licensing is very important if you are going to buy a car. The unlicensed showroom manager does not even provide a one-cart test drive.

Pedestrians love:

If you leave the markets in Dubai, there are one-way pedestrians on the main roads. Regardless of this, traffic rules are very easy for them. Before each zebra crossing, there is a switch that can be stopped by blocking the main road. After crossing the road, the green signal can be switched back to that path by pressing the switch.

Air Conditioned Bus Stop:

Summer in Dubai is very hot. The temperature rose from 38 to 42 degrees in September-October. Each building has an air conditioner on the car and bus. Even bus stops made on the roads are air-conditioned.

India remembers:

Although Dubai is a modern city, the laws have made it neat and tidy, but the memories of India are here. Wherever you can find drinking water anywhere in India, it is difficult to get water free in Dubai.

Go to a mall or restaurant and you have to buy water everywhere. Water has a different value everywhere. In many places with half a liter of water, you have to pay Rs 200. What's more, the municipal corporation creates an invoice while drying clothes on the balcony.

Important Information About Dubai:

  • Dubai is one of seven cities in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Left hand drive. All drivers drive on the right side of the road.
  • Governance of the Shaikhs here
  • Metro Train Service is here
  • Petrol is cheap here. Approximately 15 rupees / liter as per Indian rupee.
  • Here, the man uses the word 'sheikh and the woman the 'shikha' before the name.