Experience the global village

Experience the global village

Date published: Dec - 12 - 2019

The global village offers varied culture, cuisines and entertainment from different parts of the world. People from different countries join together to celebrate this rare occasion. This is the best event to enjoy the World's finest shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. This is the largest event, where over 7 million people attended last year. The same number is expected this year. The global village is a great event to join together to experience different cultures, seasonal attractions and make sure not to miss this shopping extravaganza.

There are 26 pavilions and each one will host a country's or regions' handicrafts and cuisines. Those countries representing the 2019/20 event include India, China, Iran, Egypt, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand and the UAE. The event includes over 120 food and beverage stalls, ATM's, prayer rooms, 20 restaurants and toilets.

One of the important things to be noted about pavilions is that they are designed in the image of an iconic structure consisting of the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, London's Big Ben, Taj Mahal and back to ancient Egypt.

The Global village has introduced certain amazing events to attract people even more. Recently they have entered the extraordinary event- Ripley's Believe it or not. This is a place where all-natural, scientific and artistic oddities come together. Expect unusual events, visual illusions and exotic items in Ripley's Believe it or not.

This collection of events includes a journey through the gallery. Ripley's unique collection includes six galleries that have miniature sculptures to the tallest man on earth and certain dinosaur skeleton collections. The six galleries are Robert Ripley's Jungle, Human oddities, Ripley's Warehouse, Ripley's American and Arabian, Magical studio and WOW space gallery.

Another attraction of the Global village includes Mirror Maze. Be a part of this amazingly lit place reflecting yourself and get the wow effect through the group of mirrors and LED lights. You can also purchase Ripley's Believe it or not merchandise. Ripley has also a candy shop, which includes hundreds of flavours you like. If you are a sweet tooth, then Rejoice!! The food trolley's of the Global village has authentic and traditional dishes as well as candies and ice-creams for a sweet tooth like Lupini beans, Candy floss, live candies, ice-cream cars and peanut hawkers. Don't miss out on the chance to visit the Global village and make everlasting memories by witnessing the stage shows, street entertainment, stunt show survivor, concerts, kid’s theatre shows and circus.