Georgia - A Country As Colorful As Romance

Georgia - A Country As Colorful As Romance

Date published: Oct - 01 - 2019

It was a short trip to Georgia, the mountainous Eastern European country (part of the old USSR) between Europe and Asia... This is a place where people living in the Gulf countries can find cheap.  Our team of 4 friends from Dubai visited Georgia last month. Which began on a fall holiday after a long day.  

GCC residents do not need a visa. A free entry permit for 90 days is covered by immigration. Travel insurance is a must. Some of those who had gone before had read reports of denial of entry. But we had no problems. The flight was on an Air Arabia flight from Sharjah to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. There are daily flights from Sharjah to Dubai, Tbilisi, and Batumi. Arrived at Tbilisi in 3 hours An airport with no congestion. Busy airport.  Within ten minutes Immigration process was completed and bags were handed out and we were out.

Tbilisi, with mountains on three sides, is the land of buildings and monuments. Tbilisi means hot in Georgian. Earlier, in the middle of the 5th century, Waktang I, Gorgasali, came to a forested area while hunting with his fowl. During the hunt, the king's hamstring wounded a wandering hen that fell into a nearby stream and died. Seeing the hot spring, the king had a plan. He destroyed the forest and built a city there. Archaeologists say that Theblis has been populated since the 4th century BC.

Georgia can be called the pinnacle between Asia and Europe. In a sense it is Georgia's unfortunate in history; As one of the countries most prone to invasions. The Greek, Roman, Persian, Arab, Ottoman, and even Russia dominated Georgia.

At the same time, there is a history of the occupation of either of them not complete or permanent. There are still garrisons and big walls built as a nation that resisted an attack at any moment. They are now tourist attractions.

Georgia is the second country in the world to adopt Christianity as the state religion. St. Nino brought Christianity to Georgia in the third century AD. The cathedral in the memory of St. Nino is very famous. Georgia has long been a favorite destination of Indians in the Middle East. New Visa Agreements Visitors from the Middle East have the option of obtaining a visitor visa upon arrival in Georgia. Egypt's social and political climate, terrorist attacks in Turkey and delays in obtaining visas have now given Georgia the upper hand.

Anyone who arrives in Tbilisi will be greeted by a fair of old and new. The Georgian capital city, on the banks of the Macquarie River, still has signs of Persia and Russia, giving rise to numerous swells.

After some rest, We went out and took a few dollars from the nearest bank. All of Georgia's travels and tastings have been a refreshing experience. The experience of moving through the dream. A wonderful world with castles, ancient churches, Cocos Mountains and valleys reminiscent of the old-fashioned fairy tale. Georgia, surrounded by snow-covered Georgia, with its Black Sea (Black Sea) and cave structures.


On the way, we could see the Bridge of Peace. The car was parked in front of the illuminated Shangri la casino. The opposite is the bridge we want to see.

Bridge of Peace. The mtkvari (Kura), which flows in the heart of Tbilisi, is a walk along the river. Its construction is special. There is a lot of congestion on the bridge. In the middle, a music band plays the guitar and other instruments. Such singers can be found in many streets of Tbilisi. The bridge descends to a park. Rike park. This side of the river is the old Tbilisi and on the other is the new Tbilisi. After spending some time there, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the relaxing yachts and glittering city views of the river in a beautiful evening covered by rain. It was past 8 p.m. The sun is just setting. Back at the Spice Garden Indian Restaurant, opposite the hotel, we returned to the hotel after dinner.