Get a work permit in UAE

Get a work permit in UAE

Date published: Sep - 27 - 2020

A working permit (also referred to as a Labour Card) is required in the UAE for long-term employee assignments and several specific guidelines are necessary to comply. Any of these precautions are taken before the individual reaches the UAE, and others are performed after the arrival. When a work permit is obtained, it is normally valid for two years. Dubai visa can be applied online and you will be updated on your visa status.

Visa quota approval

Getting a visa quota approval from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) is the initial step in getting your entry visa. This will be applied by the employer in front of the employee. It should be ensured that the employee receives the visa quota approval before he enters Dubai if it is applied for any of the free zones. 

Getting confirmed

The next move is to give the contract (job offer) for the employee's signature and then back to the employer. It has to be in English and Arabic and the mother tongue of the employee should be included if it is different. This implies that the MOL checks the letter of the contract, that the employee has entered a reasonable position.

Approval of work permit

The request for the work permit must be accepted before the Entry Visa is issued. The Ministry of Labour will typically focus its decision during this approval period about whether there is no UAE citizen who is unemployed and who are willing to do the job and the patron is registered UAE corporation entity. The permission would otherwise have been given.

Pink visa

The Ministry grants an Occupational Entry Visa (a pink visa), which permits applicants to access the UAE lawfully, after obtaining work permit permission. This license is valid 2 months from the issue date and enables the applicant to reside in the UAE for 30 days, which can be renewed twice as long as the official permit for work is issued.

Visa change

Two options are available to enter the country and launch the work permit process. If the Visa is ready before arrival, the employee shall collect it at the airport when he/she arrives. After issuing the entry visa, the employee must register for a visa change if he/she was on another type of visa (in the UAE)

Doing medical screening

Before a work permit can be issued, the UAE needs all foreigners to undergo a medical assessment.

Signing the labor contract

As part of the filing for the work permit, a signed work document must also be submitted. There is a new contract date and it must be sent to MOL 14 days after the diagnostic reports have been released. You can upload the contract to the website of MOL. The payroll will be formally launched via the official UAE method after the work permit is obtained.

Health insurance application

Since health care is now compulsory in the UAE, all employers must support ex-pat employees (or purchase it themselves). Without a valid insurance card, the work permit cannot be issued or replaced.

 Residence visa

Both ex-pat staff and their family members would require a visa to live in the United Arab Emirates. The visa must open bank accounts, register your vehicle and open a PO Box.

The employee will be given an Emirates ID card, which can be used for everyday identifiers (instead of carrying a passport), as well as the work permit. Only after gaining correct UAE visa information should you apply.