How B2B Travel Portals Make Travel Agents Successful?

How B2B Travel Portals Make Travel Agents Successful?

Date published: Feb - 24 - 2022

B2B Travel Portal is an online booking engine that offers a white label solution for travel agencies and tour operators to have access to real-time online reservations as well as availability on a booking engine platform. 

It enables a multi-level booking engine and distribution, allowing agents to interact with many travel service providers all over the world. It also enables travel partners to develop their own sub-networks of agents, which encourages even more sales growth.

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The notion of B2B travel portal creation is extremely beneficial to travel companies and agents. This comprises web-based and mobile application solutions for duties that aid in the formation of new business partnerships between various organizations and facilitate the delivery of services to your clients. B2B travel has benefited travel companies.

You can't manage a profitable travel firm unless you have high-performing websites. You will be unable to capitalize on these needs if you do not have a travel gateway, which will be a significant loss for you. Travel portals may improve earnings by reaching out to clients all over the world by developing B2B and B2C travel portals.

Travel Agency has access to third-party supplier inventories in the needs of the B2B Travel Portal so travel agents may sell their travel product throughout the world through the sub-agent network and boost income.

1. Booking and Confirmation Automation

Every hotel reservation or auto hire normally takes a significant amount of time and documentation. With the B2B travel portal, tour operators do not have to wait for the publication of information about the location they are going to book; utilizing automation of the configuration, the problem may be resolved in a matter of minutes. Simultaneously, travel portals frequently provide a 24-hour online assistant.

2. The Least Expensive

The ideal method to do business with clients is to find the most cost-effective way for them to travel. The ability to manage a trip in real-time and build several versions leads to a cost-effective business solution. A lot of factors influence the price, and altering the dates or the type of window view in the hotel room can result in a price reduction of up to double.

3. Availability in Real-Time

A consumer may quickly obtain real-time access to hotel, airfare, rental service, and even the full vacation package pricing. Similarly, a travel company may have real-time access to the number of people who book during peak and off-peak seasons, allowing for improved business research.

4. Interoperability with GDS systems

The B2B Travel Portal is connected with different systems and allows international service providers to locate better travel packages. It connects your consumers with travel partners in other countries and helps you to provide more diverse travel alternatives.

5. Cost-Effective

The B2B Travel Portal lets businesses save money and time by minimizing physical setups and labor by bringing the company to the user's phone. As the travel site has grown in popularity, it has aided in the provision of cost-effective business solutions.

6. Customer Service

The B2B travel portal enables you to give a fast answer for clients who want to address specific travel issues, as well as an option to chat where they may submit any travel-related questions. UBL Travels offers expert B2B travel portal services to meet all of your travel needs. If you wish to learn more about this, you may contact us at any time.


The future of the tourism business is dependent not only on the epidemic but also on the incapacity to incorporate digital trends into daily life. It was made feasible through a B2B gateway based on cutting-edge technologies. It must be adaptable, adaptable, and interconnected with worldwide platforms. 

Customers and organizations want quick and accurate judgments when booking hotels, flights, renting vehicles or arranging events. It is possible to integrate with the travel portal, which allows access to millions of databases throughout the world. UBL tour and travel agency in Dubai, contact us today to know about dubai visa b2b rates.