How corona has affected the tourism sector

How corona has affected the tourism sector

Date published: Mar - 17 - 2020

The outburst of Coronavirus has made the whole world in panic and till now this continues. No cure is discovered for this virus and people are not willing to go out or they are restricted in traveling. Like all other diseases that have visited the earth, this too is threatening our lives. This epidemic can wipe out our family but taking the necessary precautions can definitely help in controlling them. Not only is it adversely affecting those who have caught it but all the economy around us. Due to this disease countries will take years to recover. The Tourism Authority is comparing this disease with those which have affected the tourism economy adversely like the H1N1, SARS, etc.

Even scientists agree that this virus could be prevented for a fraction of the cost of battling a deadly pandemic. The whole world is getting affected so it will affect the tourism sector also. China's tourism rate is 11% and thus it will affect their tourist industry more. Even though the prohibition of Travel, closing borders, etc cannot stop the coronavirus from spreading still it can be controlled. The tourism industry is experiencing great losses ranging to billions. With the outbreak in Italy, it has become evident that prominent tourist destinations will remain closed.

The virus hit hard on the Asian countries

More than in the European countries Corona has affected Asian countries. This is because of the trips made by the Chinese people 90% go to the Asian countries. Many of the Hotels remain empty, flights are canceled and tourist sights are closed too. The Tourism sector is facing huge losses right now. If the situation worsens it will be difficult to recover. Most of the tourist destinations are closed after the outbreak in Italy. Many theaters and places of interest remain closed. Also, major events are being stopped.


In China, the situation is even worse. Here the tourism sector has been completely frozen. Some of the famous tourist destinations like the Great Wall of China; the Imperial Palace in Beijing has been partially or completely closed. China's tourism industry has also been affected. Due to month-long protests has led to a decline in the number of visitors to the Chinese special administrative.     In order to deal with this pandemic, the Hong Kong government has decided to give its citizens 10,000 Hong Kong dollars. Many other places are also trying to deal with this situation and rescue the tourism industry through various measures. Tax relief funds and financial aids have been announced by China, Singapore, and Thailand.