How To Apply For a 90 Days Dubai Visa-Step By Step Guide

 How To Apply For a 90 Days Dubai Visa-Step By Step Guide

Date published: Dec - 15 - 2021

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If you really are visiting Dubai for just a long work trip, to visit a fair or conference, to see a family member or friend, or just to vision, you may apply for a visit visa Dubai 90 days, which permits you to stay in the nation for a maximum of three months.

If you intend to stay in Dubai for an extended period, a 90-day visit visa is the best option for you. This visa is necessary for everyone who is not qualified for visa-free entrance or visa-on-arrival in the UAE. This visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue. It can be extended for another 30 days twice. The price for each extension of this visa is AED 850.


To apply for a 90-day visit visa to Dubai, go to the UAE visa application center, submit your relevant papers and visa application, pay the costs, and wait for it to be processed. You may also apply for a visa to the United Arab Emirates online through Emirates Visa Services.

 The processing time for a visa application is normally 3-5 days. You'll also need to provide copies of your passport and airline ticket, as well as a pair of passport-size pictures, along with your visa application. You will also be required to send a covering letter stating the reason for your journey to the UAE.

Step 1

When applying for a three-month visit visa to Dubai, you must contact a tourist agency in the UAE, a UAE airline (Etihad or Emirates), or a travel agency in your home country that is affiliated with a tourism agency in the UAE. You will not be able to apply for this visa directly with UAE immigration.

Documentation is Necessary

1.   On a white backdrop, a recent colored image ( no specific size requirements)

2.   Colorized scan of a passport

3.   Documents demonstrating that you will leave on time ( previous travel history, business documents, etc)

Step 2

There are four types of visitors visa services in UAE:

1.   Nationalities with 30-day visas on arrival

2.   Nationalities with 90-day visas on arrival

3.   Passport holders from Mexico

4.   Prepaid visa (30 days/90 days/single entrance/multiple entry) nationalities

You do not need to make any arrangements before entering the UAE if you have a passport from one of the 19 countries listed below. Exit the plane at Dubai International Airport and proceed to immigration to receive a free 30-day visit visa stamped in your passport. If you wish to stay in Dubai for a longer time, you can apply for a three-month visa through a tourism business.

Step 3

If you have a prepaid visa nationality passport, the following is a thorough list of the steps:

1.   Choose one of the three ways to apply for visa service in UAE: through an airline, a UAE-based tourist company, or a travel agency in your home country.

2.   Scan a copy of your passport onto your computer.

3.   Gather all required materials. For example, when applying via a tourist operator, you will be requested to confirm a guaranteed return, and when applying through an airline, you will be asked to fill out a form, and so on.

4.   With a 60-day validity period, take your time looking for travel tickets that meet your needs and budget.

5.   Submit the required documentation and pay the fees. 


Your visa will be delivered to your email address if it is accepted. It will be in PDF format, which you may print and bring with you on your trip. Your visit visa to Dubai for 90 days can be sponsored by a certified travel agent. They make the process of applying for a visa considerably easier and faster than it would be otherwise. They will also review your paperwork and make any necessary modifications to ensure that your visa application is not denied. Simply email your paperwork to your travel agency, which we will take care of the rest.