How to Renew or Extend a Tourist Visa in Dubai

How to Renew or Extend a Tourist Visa in Dubai

Date published: Dec - 04 - 2021

Dubai is a tourism hotspot of visitors from all around the globe. People visit the city for a variety of reasons. Dubai offers a variety of visas in order to accommodate such travelers. Any person who is not qualified for a residence permit entrance to the UAE must have to get a travel visa to legally enter the country. Airlines, hotels, and even travel firms can arrange tourist visas for people who like to visit the country for a limited period of time. Travel agents can help you get a visit visa Dubai 30 days at affordable rates.

New amendments to the UAE's travel visa regime were recently implemented, allowing visitors to renew their visas again without needing to exit the region. Let's take a look at all you need to understand regarding tourist visa extensions in Dubai if you're a visitor.

Travelers that plan to remain inside the United Arab Emirates for longer than 14 days will need to register for a UAE Visitor's Visa. Family visas and business trips are included in this list. The much more basic need is that you must have a supporter who is any of them from a  UAE resident, a UAE-based company, or a UAE-licensed resort.

The Difference Between a Visit Visa and a Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is solely valid for tourism and recreation, but a visit visa is valid for corporate events, attending a conference, or just about any official reason. A tourist visa allows you to remain for 14 or 30 days and may be extended for another 40 days, whilst a visiting visa allows you to remain inside the country for 90 days.

After all, a tourist visa could never be changed into some other visa, however, a visit visa could be turned into a working visa. Tourist visas are only good for two months, whereas visit visas are good for six months.

In the case of a tourist visa, the sponsorship can be from an acquaintance, relation, or a regional business or organization in the UAE, although in the context of a visit visa, the sponsor must be a UAE resident.

Procedures Involved in Extending Tourist Visa in UAE

?     If you want to prolong your presence in UAE, ensure that you apply for a visa extension prior to the last date when your current UAE visa expires.

You may simply extend the visa for yet another 30 more days if you presently have a 30-day tourist visa available in hand, a 30 day / 90-day multiple-entry visa, or a long-term 90-day visit visa.

?     Really shouldn't panic if visitors can't extend their Dubai stay before the last date. There is indeed a 10-day time frame as a grace period, although after that, you will be subject to a fine of AED 100 each day.

After the initial 30-day extension, you can renew the presence for yet another 30-day period if necessary.

?     The UAE administration has formulated this advantage available to all visitors who have a tourist visa, an on-arrival residency permit, or a multiple-entry visa.

People with visas have been revoked in the UAE by the sponsors as well as companies can submit an application for a tourist visa without leaving the country. It is being done through selecting the option of the inside country visa modification without leaving the premises.

It's worth noting that you may only renew your visit visa twice. You will be given a maximum of 60 days to extend your stay. You will have to pay a cost of 100 AED if you decide to extend your visa on the last day.

As a result, you must ensure that your visa has been renewed well before its validity ends. Without leaving the country, you can renew your visit visa at the immigration office. The procedure of extending a visa has recently gotten simpler. The present alternative for people who need to modify their visa is to change it from one airport to another.

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