Tour and Activities on My Dubai Holidays

 Tour and Activities on My Dubai Holidays

Date published: Jul - 30 - 2019

Knowing a lot about Dubai Tour and touring activities, I decided to make it work in Dubai. My days in Dubai were boring, like any expat. But I made the most of my Dubai holidays. With that decision I got into a flight and got here. Every holiday here has been a joy for me as I look forward to celebrating life. It is my Dubai holiday and I am sharing it with you here. There is more to come.

A Simple Start of the Journey Through Dubai Marina.

 When Dubai gets a job, almost everyone tries to get a credit card. So I took one. Then, according to Purchase, a tour package to get cashback was selected and purchased. We chose the package which had a lot of options on it, such as Desert Safari, Atlantis Tour and Dubai City Tour. The package is then a great way to spend weekends and public holidays.

Our first choice was the Yellow boat. So on the first Friday morning, we boarded the bus and metro and arrived at the Marina. (If anyone is planning to go, go on the first trip in the morning before the sun warms up). Starting from Marina, return to Atlantis, Burj al Arab, Skydive dubai, Jumeirah Beach, JLT and then return to the Marina on the same route for an hour and a half. The guide explains the route and places to visit.

Actually ours was an hour early ticket. The ride had a total of seven people. Then the guide and the driver. Didn't know the hour and a half went by, it was such a beautiful journey.

In fact they charge AED: 300 / - per trip. Mineral water and soft drinks are provided as part of the package. Anyway, anyone in the UAE can try this beautiful journey.

Next up is the Dubai City Tour. For that I have to wait till next holiday. The boredom of the next day's work should be put down there. I boarded the bus with the intention of seeing what I saw from a distance today.