Date published: Feb - 08 - 2020


For people looking forward to work in abroad UAE is the most suited place. Offering various entertainments and attractions, Dubai has become one of the most preferred cities. According to the old procedure, those tourists who needed to extend their visas had to wait till a month after exiting the country and later reapply. Tourists wishing to extend their stay had to fly out of the country then fly back within a day. For those who don't want to go through this process, we have the Dubai Visa Change ready for you. UAE offers this option which provides you visa extension which will be effective within a day.

 Those customers wishing to change their existing tourist visa to a new tourist visa can do it on the same day. Through this, you can lengthen your stay in UAE by obtaining a new 30 days or 90 days visa.  The tourists traveling from their home countries like India, Egypt, and Srilanka can change their visa on the expiration without returning to their country. If you are thinking about a visa change, then here is what you should do. Visa will take between 6 to 48 hours to get approved. If you sent an immigration stamp to your agent before 10 am, it can speed up the process.

Airport to Airport Visa Change Dubai

For travelers who need to extend their stay in UAE, this process offers various advantages. The procedure, necessary documents and the benefits of this service are explained below.

Documents needed for Visa Change

·    Visitor's document

·Passport and visa copies of each visitor. (Both first and last page with a validity of 6 months.

·Passport size photo with white background

·Guarantor's documents (copies of residence visa, passport, and Emirates ID)

·Passport copy (first and last page with a validity of 6 months)

·Guarantor’s UAE residence visa copy with a minimum of three month's validity.

·Visa fee as stipulated

What are the merits of Visa Change?

·Avoiding long Queues

·Return boarding pass

·Having no additional airport charges

·Within 24 hours, the city check (before your flight departure)

Things to note

·Before the validity of your UAE visa ends you should submit your application, as the process is not applied automatically.

·For quick processing of your visa change, please submit all the relevant documents.

·Do avoid weekends and public holidays for the visa change as it will be crowded.

Advantages of booking with us:-


·Quick processing

·Less complicated

·Saving time

·Getting guidance from one of our visa change executives until the end of the process

·For facilitating the visa change, the individual doesn't have to pay a high deposit.

Supporting documents needed for a successful Dubai visa change

The documents required are:-

·The first and the last page of the applicant's personal details (passport having the validity of 6 months.)

·A passport size color photo with white background.

·Guarantor residence visa page copy.