Magnificent Sights in Dubai

Magnificent Sights in Dubai

Date published: Jul - 19 - 2019

Dubai is a beautiful place with colorful electric decorations. Amidst the sand dunes, the skyscrapers and the magnificent Burj Khalifa stand between them. The Miracle Garden, the Burj Khalifa and the Dolphinarium are some of the most spectacular sights in Dubai. The adventures of the desert and the camel ride in Dubai provide tourists with a breath of fresh air. Traveling to Dubai with its magnificent views will surprise anyone. Travelers are enthralled by the beauty and architectural style of the place. When the sight blinks again, all the things that fall into the eyes are awe-inspiring.


Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most magnificent parks in the world. Fly to Dubai to enjoy the gorgeous flowers and decorations.Heaven is Dubai, the dream land for those who want to work. A large part of the wealth of our nation is derived from the labor of the soil of the Arab country. The Dubai International Airport is equipped with the most sophisticated facilities and is fully equipped to accommodate guests. This is where the Dubai sights begin.

The role of flowers in love is not small. It is incredible that this sand dune is home to the largest garden in the world. The fascinating flower world of the city of dreams is a long flow of visitors to the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is the largest garden in the world. The garden is resting in the heat of summer. October to April is the spring season for flowers in Dubai. The Miracle Garden in Dubai is truly a Miracle for viewers. With over 450 plants in different colors, it is a breathtaking sight to behold .


The tallest Burj Khalifa is also in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a wonderful world filled with hotels, private residences and restaurants. For those who visit Dubai, the vast expanse of sand is a fascinating sight.


Traveling to the desert is fun, even if the intensity of the sandstorm is dull. In the midst of these sand dunes there is a freshwater lake called Al Qudra. It is a popular destination for migratory birds. In the wilderness, full of reptiles and mammals, man plants new plants in the midst of sand, planting many flora and fauna. The sanctuary is also home to several species of endangered birds.

Dubai is always ready to revitalize Belle Dance's rhythm by reducing the length of night in the desert. For those who love adventure, bike races and dunebashes in the sand make this desert a must-see. There is also a camel safari. The views of Dubai don't end here, there are some antiquities that smell of Aud and Atar.