Musandam One-day Tour – Everything You Need To Know!

Musandam One-day Tour – Everything You Need To Know!

Date published: Oct - 25 - 2021

One-day excursion of Musandam Dibba is possible by passing the UAE border, you may access the Gulf of Oman and visit Musandam, amongst the most beautiful places in the Middle East. You must be a UAE citizen or have a legitimate UAE visit visa to do so. UBL travels’ Dubai tours and travels packages include Musandam trip as one of the most recommended.

Musandam is recognized across the world as the Middle East's Norway, featuring stunning Arab Fjords - between rocky cliffs, a long, narrow inlet of the sea. And the diversity of species that are not seen anywhere other than Musandam in the Arab Gulf. The terrain in Musandam is simply stunning, and with all those breathtaking vantage points, visitors could never imagine that kind of natural beauty did exist so near to Dubai.

A reputed Dubai tour agency can help any visitors in the country to reach Musandam without worrying too much about the travel expenses and regulatory prerequisites. It's indeed preferable to travel to Musandam Dibba with the help of travel companies in order to cross the international boundary and guarantee that you return to the UAE within the time limit.

Traveling To Musandam Dibba  Oman

If you really love to experience nature in its truest form as can be seen everywhere around the planet in the Middle East, Musandam is the place to go. The Musandam Peninsula is strategically significant because it shapes the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow entrance to the Persian Gulf, and the passage within which much of the world's petroleum passes.

Citizens from several nations, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, may be seen working in restaurants, resorts, and as travel agents. The town is geographically bordered by the Western Hajar Range's northern mountains. 

Visitors could enjoy their day sightseeing the shores and mountains, taking a wild banana boat ride, traveling on a dhow trip to view a pristine piece of coastline, swimming, snorkeling for pearls, fishing, discovering caverns, marveling at limestones, or peacefully staring at the turquoise waters.

Things To Enjoy In Musandam

The major reason to visit Musandam is that it contains some of the most beautiful scenery and unique marine life in the Arab Gulf Peninsula. All of this is accessible, as well as some fun experiences and activities.

Spending Time In Hafa Beach

Hafa beach is perhaps the most enchanting and unspoiled of the area's many beaches. With the aid of snorkeling equipment, swimmers may explore the aquatic environment under the water. Visiting Sea World is enthralling and amazing since we get to view many lives that we could never have envisioned in our entire lives.

Hajar Mountain Views

As mentioned above, Musandam is geographically boarded by the Hajar mountains. So, the astonishing mountain views of Hajar are inevitable and impressive from here. You could find lots of iconic landscapes and picturesque here to capture your unforgettable moments.

Limestone Rocks And The Aquatic World

Travelers are drawn to the limestone rock because they may see white-colored rock stands high nearby the Hajar Mountains. The rock has converted into a cave in which the water is sparkling clean and translucent, allowing you to observe the aquatic life beneath.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to see the sight of dolphins playing around in the world. People who visit Musandam have the opportunity to see Dolphins play, even swim along with you. Dolphins may be seen leaping around the dhow boats as you go by. These amusing animals would peer into your lens to shoot selfies and provide you with a relaxing respite.

Banana Boat Adventure

Bright banana boats will surf through the water near a sandy beach, and it will be the most memorable experience you have ever had. In Khasab Musandam, you could enjoy the most wonderful banana boat riding chances to delight you with full-day and half-day dhow tours.

Mostly all age groups have a fantastic time riding in a banana boat together. Non-swimmers are permitted to ride in banana boats as long as they are wearing a life jacket supplied by the boat crew.

Why choose UBL?

UBL Travels as a prominent tour agency in Dubai - offers the best deals on full-day Musandam Dibba tours from Dubai, which also include vehicle pick-up from regular places in Dubai with safe transportation back to the same area by the same vehicle.

The trip's major highlight is a classic freshly prepared International Buffet supper with genuine Arabian specialties. Above all,  safety guards and staff members are always available for any of your needs.