Places to Eat : Top Trending Restaurants in Dubai

Places to Eat : Top Trending Restaurants in Dubai

Date published: Oct - 09 - 2019

Another day, another place to get out. A number of new restaurants are opening in Dubai recently. Recently opened and ultra-trendy, Hotel Cartagena and Little Miss India have established Dubai dining heavyweights such as The Meat Co. The city is home to one of the most creative and dynamic restaurant scenes in the world. From fine dining to exotic international dishes, to casual local restaurants and cafes, there are plenty of culinary delights to discover in Dubai for your next vacation (or stay!).

Dubai has become an international culinary capital, offering the best cuisine and the best dishes. If you are visiting, head to Dubai's best restaurants for an experience to remember.

Now the latest trendy restaurants in Dubai.

  • Le Petit Belge

The fine dining, inspired by French Mediterranean cuisine With stunning ingredients and great hospitality, this makes it one of the best restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant, which serves plenty of Belgian hops and grapes, is the ultimate pairing of food and drinks to compliment all palates, as well as pouring in monthly specialty draft options.

  • Armani  Restauran


Get into the Italian paradise with the magnificent Armani / restaurant of the Armani Hotel. Located in the hotel’s lobby, the Armani / Restaurant curates contemporary atmosphere and traditional Italian cuisine with celebrity chefs using classic cuisine and high-quality ingredients.

  • Seafood Market

Dubai's only seafood restaurant, the fresh fish and shellfish caught on a daily basis showcase supermarket-style in a large cold counter, as well as fresh vegetables and tropical fruits. You can shop for fresh seafood and vegetables. Prepare it according to your interest in this market-style restaurant.

  • Distillery

After hours, the distillery is bringing a new gastropub and midnight bar to the hipster scene in Dubai. The menu includes an array of small plates with tartare, ceviche, sandwiches and decent mains with meat. The distillery is a great place to go if you're looking for a laid back wave.


STK, which serves premium quality USDA prime beef, offers everything from small fillets and tender strip lines to large wounds such as Ribay, T-Bone or Tomahawk, which is known for its great flavors. Unlike your standard steakhouse, the atmosphere of the STK is different from the other, with a resident DJ on the decks every night, which means there is no shortage of dancing, or over dinner.

  • Seafire Steakhouse

A unique venue for entertaining large or small groups in a modern New York steakhouse, bar or restaurant, boasting an exceptional butcher from Australia, an open theater kitchen with over 3,500 bottles and a large walk-in wine cellar.Located inside the beautiful Atlantis Palm, this unique steakhouse sill feasts on some of the best meat dishes you can find in the city

  • Seoul restaurant 

Soul Restaurant & Bar brings to Dubai the best food inspired by Manhattan. The New York-themed fine dining, attractive wine selection, and indoor-to-the-door seating options set it apart from the usual JBR restaurants in the area, offering just the right amount of class, comfort and ambiance.

  • BB Social Dining

BB Social Dining at DFC is one of the most popular places in the city; Spread across 3 floors, each offers a unique dining experience for you to choose from.

  • Tomo. 

One of the best restaurants in Dubai for Japanese cuisine. Enjoy exceptional Wagyu beef, tempura dishes, sushi and sashimi prepared by talented chefs.

  • Leonardo

Enjoy a relaxing and stylish dining experience in a unique Italian-style interior that celebrates Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces while exploring the Renaissance and romantic atmosphere.

  • Soko

Known for its modern Mexican and Latin American vibe, Soco is an urban, soulful restaurant and cocktail bar, serving classic dishes With exciting live music, great food and the vibrant setting of the Ibra, stunning night. Too Sokko became a crowd favorite.

  • Pierchik

 Considered one of the best restaurants in Dubai for seafood, this restaurant has views over the Arabian Gulf. 

  • Taikun

A casual restaurant and lounge with an expansive garden and terrace overlooks the city, making it an ideal center for gatherings and social gatherings

  • Talk restaurant. 

Their award-winning Friday Brunch is popular with families who combine world flavors and enjoy live culinary staples and an extensive menu.

  • Kanpai, Souk al-Bahar

Situated across the Dubai Fountains in Sukh Al Bahar, Kanpai is a modern Asian restaurant with sophisticated gold designs, deep sofa seating and samurai soldiers overlooking the diner.

  • Carine

carine is a beautiful spot of the Emirates Golf Club with a selection of famous Mediterranean inspired dishes and unique cocktails. It is popular for its gorgeous dessert menu and praises Carine Tiramisu as one of the best in town.