Pro tips to save money while travelling in Dubai | UBL Travels

Pro tips to save money while travelling in Dubai | UBL Travels

Date published: Apr - 29 - 2021

Let’s be real. Who doesn’t dream of keep traveling all their life? Most of us would have been full-time backpackers if not for the obvious problem of money. This could also be the reason why most tours and travel blogs come up with articles on how to save money while traveling. Tour agencies in Dubai have multiplied in the last few years and hence your chance of traveling economically. Here is our take on tips to save money while traveling.


Budget tours and travel tips


1.    Study your flights

Play around with flight schedules and examine them. Many airlines offer excellent discounts on airfares, often in off seasons or special occasions. Book your flight after a thorough study of the ‘low fare calendar’ and best deals of Dubai tour agencies so that you can choose the cheapest one out there. Let the price be the priority in deciding the time of your travel.


2. Travel frugal

There are many ways you can avoid extra spending during flights. If you have no problem being assigned to a random seat, you need not have to pay extra for a specific one. Carry your own food and water on flights where you have to pay for your meal.


     3. Spend less on airfare

That’s right! Rather than spending 80% of your tours & travels on traveling alone, fly to one destination and spend more time there. Avoid a twister of different flights and travel judiciously. While planning to travel to Dubai, study your travel map and determine the time you are going to spend on each destination beforehand.


While you are ‘there’


1.    Live frugally

Stop eating from restaurants all the time and try to cook more. Cooking your own food will also help you deal with the pain of adjusting to unknown foreign meals. There are many hostels and budget shacks that can offer communal living spaces. A shared living space or room helps you save a great deal of money while traveling. You can search online for such hotels and go through the reviews to choose the best option that fits your needs. The online portals of many Dubai tour agencies can help you find such budget home situations while traveling.


2.    Cut out shopping

You need not spend a lot of money on buying stuff you can enjoy at half the price in your home country. Shopping is not an integral part of travel and it is a wise idea to limit your ideas to souvenirs or a few special items. Dubai travels might compel you to go on a shopping spree, but refrain yourself and enjoy taking pictures of the exotic stuff you come across.


3.    Drink less

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not necessary if you are traveling on a budget. Minimize buying drinks at bars and cut the cost of alcohol consumption. Drinks can be quite expensive in several parts of the world and if you must drink, limit yourself to a few beers or cocktails.


Travelling can be more fun if you know you are avoiding the extra expenses. To put it simply, saving while traveling simply means more travel!