Safest Locations from COVID

Safest Locations from COVID

Date published: Mar - 15 - 2021

Safest Locations from COVID

?Some of the countries that you have never heard of is been spared by God during the pandemic and they handled it quite well. These include the far Oceania and Pacific Islands, which makes them some of the top countries to visit during the Pandemic without being worried about the protection. They were able to make the COVID-free status only because they were able to follow the required precautions during the pandemic. They have closed their borders at the correct time which gave them the COVID free status. These are some of the nations to which you can plan your trip if you are opting.


 But with the nations taking the necessary precautions, you can now consider taking your trip to most of them like before. Some of the nations that are open to tourists are listed below as we discussed. Being an Indian citizen, you should first consider visiting spots within India that you are yet to visit. If you are a tourist then some of the places you have to visit in India are Goa, Kerala, Pondicherry and on it goes.


The foreign nations mentioned below has strictly followed the precautions which are why they are staying in a better state today with only a few cases reported. Let's dig into the countries which have been stated as safe to travel. However, we are not including all of them. Contact any affordable travel agency in Dubai like us. Safest Locations from COVID


One of the safest nations in the globe for anyone to travel post-COVID will be Switzerland. This study has been made by Deep Knowledge Group. This nation was included in the safest countries to travel is because of the declining mortality rate and also there are no fresh cases reported within the country. If you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, then the best spot to opt for during the pandemic days will be Switzerland.


Turkmenistan has borders with nations like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and so on. These countries are all infected with corona. But all the incoming flights were prevented from entering the country as part of taking early precautions which were done in February. Some of the flights were even changed to the countries largest city which is Turkmenabat. Also, a specific quarantine zone was made to check the people having covid symptoms.

Vatican City

The COVID pandemic mostly affected Rome and thus the Vatican city was also affected by being close to Rome. In the month of June 2020, Vatican city was declared COVID-free just after the 12 infected patients were recovered. Also after that, cases were not reported. This makes it one of the safest places to visit during pandemic times.


The South Pacific Ocean is were the island nation of Vanuatu is located. No COVID cases were reported in this country as some of the best precautions were taken from February onwards. People travelling from other nations had to give a medical certificate and also the quarantine period has to be followed by anyone travelling from other infected nations. This will be the proper place you will be visiting if you are looking for a holiday loan. You can consult our Dubai tour agency for more details.