Taste of Dubai - Best Emirati Food in Dubai

Taste of Dubai - Best Emirati Food in Dubai

Date published: Dec - 12 - 2019

The food you find in Dubai will be different from what you have eaten so far. Dubai has many exciting restaurants and tastes differ from another world, So you need to prepare yourself for a  new tongue experience. However, you need to know about Dubai cuisine to make sure you find the right place for you.

There is not just one type of food in Dubai. Most of the food in Dubai is inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. However, you can get any type of food you want.

Dubai is a luxury place, so it is of high quality everywhere you go. However, to find the best places, talk to the people at your hotel and see where they suggest it, and be sure to research each restaurant before booking your table.

Camel dishes:- 

 Camel is very common and popular in Dubai, So Camel meat is one of the main ingredients in many Emirati dishes. Even You can try  Whole Camel Fried in the Biggest Tandoor or Oven which is a popular dish in the area. The whole camel stuffed and fried with herbs and spices makes for a rich meat meal. Since Dubai is a Muslim region, you will not find pork dishes in major restaurants, but instead, lamb, camel, beef, and chicken are popular options.

If you're visiting Dubai and you don't like the spicy ingredients found in many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, don't worry you can easily get a pizza takeaway from Dubai.

Make sure the price of your food

When you buy food or street food from a local restaurant, it's OK to think about the cost of your dish. If you want to save money on food in Dubai, ask if they can get a discount when the bill is brought or if they are a little lower than the asking price. However, make sure it’s not too bad.

Dubai Street Food

When driving around Dubai, try local street food. As usual, the food in an expensive city which is also famous for its rich taste is also expensive. And if you dine at good restaurants every day, you'll have to spend a lot. Street food is an inexpensive and delicious option for many people living in the area.

Hotel food is less authentic

Often the hotel cuisine is different from the rest of the local cuisine. So make sure you try the cuisine of your local area while traveling. It's good to eat from your restaurant at night, but there are so many delicious Pakistani, Indian and Chinese restaurants in Dubai that you need to explore the local cuisine.

If you want to get an authentic Emirati dish, try the delicious and inexpensive shawarma. Shawarma considered fast food in Dubai, is a kind of spicy meat served in a wrap. If you don't like spicy food, some extra mint sauce and salad can help to combat this.