The Island of Bali, A Tourist Paradise

The Island of Bali, A Tourist Paradise

Date published: Sep - 02 - 2019

Bali is a provincial island in Indonesia. The population is more than 42 lakhs. Bali is curious that Hindus are the single largest constituency of Hindus in the Muslim majority country of Indonesia. According to the last census of 2014, 83.5% of the population is Hindu. But in Indonesia's total, 87.2 percent are Muslims. The world's most populous Muslim nation; 23 million people. Unlike everything else out there, Bali is a rare beauty.

The rest of the long-haul flights of the night were shaken off and looked out of the window of the plane. Infinity of the blue sea beneath the clouds. At the end of it is a green beach that looks like a green spot. Bali people are worshiped with plants, flowers, trees, and greenery. Wherever you turn greenhouses. Even in front of small shops, you can see the little poop. This is Bali I knew before the trip. The airport is on the coast. Nagura Rai International Airport or Bali International Airport. The plane is about to land, like a bluefish plunging into the sea. The runway is about 1000 meters down to the sea.

A rare beautiful sight. The landing that makes the start of a four-day Bali trip so memorable. Bali isn't the biggest airport. But with the upgrade in 2013, there are plenty of amenities to be had with any international airport. Constructions in Bali Traditional Style and Design. 

Beautiful carvings, sculptures, and flora. After all, hours are gone; Flight time may be wrong and travel may be delayed. The airport is located in Denpasar, the main city and capital of Bali, and should be noted for its cleanliness.

Bali has a style that is both welcoming and relaxing. Free visa is available to many nationalities including India. So the airport didn't have much work. Utilized the Visa on Arrival facility. Immigration procedures did not take long. It's all over in half an hour.

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Heritage and Faith

What makes this unique in Bali is the tradition of embracing heritage. The monks from India are believed to be propagandists of Hinduism in Bali. Successive generations followed the legacy of Heritage and Faith. Due to its isolated terrain, it has adopted a very different style from the general style of Indonesia. They have clung to their own traditions despite the severe pressure to convert.

The different cultures and customs of Bali And tourism

Bali have traditionally been associated with agriculture. But by the second half of the last century, it has become a tourist destination. Tourism is now the mainstay of Bali's economy, with 80% of its income from tourism. This boom in Bali is a big help for Indonesian GDP. Especially in foreign exchange. We must see the importance of Bali tourism. They present all available areas in front of travel lovers. It provides an opportunity to explore different cultures and customs of Bali. It provides all the necessary infrastructure for tourists of all categories. There are resorts, hotels, and homestays at affordable prices for all types of people. Everyone cares about tourists to be gentle, sympathetic and respectful.

The vast and gorgeous beaches, the hills and the mountains, the vast fields, the rainforest that is yet to fall in the slope of civilization, the pleasing landscapes, the rich culture of Bali ... Bali is a paradise for tourists. Here are the amenities for any kind. Bali is one of the best overseas destinations if you plan to travel inexpensively.

currency and Expenses


 Another curiosity is the Rupaya, the official currency of Bali. You are the billionaire by the currency. This depreciation in exchange, however, should not be thought of as a reflection of costs. A well-deserved meal from a regular hotel can cost a million rupees. Therefore, if a low-cost trip is intended, a reserve of the cost is essential.  It is better to transfer money from our home country to the US dollar. The dollar can be converted into any nook and corner of Bali.


Two-wheelers are ideal for those who want to travel less expensive. You can rent scooters to travel around Bali. The driving license of our country is enough to drive. Just ask the way. People are always willing to help. Sometimes if they are guided, they will come back to you at your destination.