Things Should Note on How to Get your Dubai Tourist Visa

Things Should Note on How to Get your Dubai Tourist Visa

Date published: Aug - 10 - 2021

Became the dream destination for people all around the world. Reasons for this are numerous enough to excite people with interest in exterior and interior activities. Tourists apply for UAE visit visa online to get it approved instantly so that they could take advantage of their vacation period in the City of Gold. Dubai is literally the city of gold and golden opportunities for business and tourism. Anyone can reach out to a reputed tour agency in Dubai to acquire an instant tourist visa for 14 to 30 days.

This prominent emirate of UAE is a living and royal evidence of progress in all levels of technology and infrastructure. Dubai, this once a long desert of sand became dominant in business and tourism with fascinating skyscrapers and adventure spots. Visitors of Dubai get the opportunity to experience visually stunning beauty of the city. They too could make it affordable by getting the cheapest tourist visa Dubai based travel agencies including UBL travels offers.

Every country has an eligibility criterion to avail tourist visa for a person from another country. Likewise, Dubai government also implemented an eligibility criterion for other nationals to get their tourist visa approved. Read further to get an idea about your eligibility in acquiring a Dubai tourist visa along with the different options available.

Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Visa

First two things to ensure before applying for a Dubai visa is the time you choose for it and the fact you have a passport. Furthermore, the passport must need to be valid at least for the coming six months from the day you choose to apply for a Dubai visa. The application process must be done 30 days prior to the actual date of travel.

Different visa options are provided for tourists in Dubai.  It has systematic process for the application everyone should follow it accordingly. Having an idea about the actual purpose of visit to Dubai will help you in deciding the type of visa to apply for.

Documents Required for Applying a Dubai Visa

•             Application form of visa with applicant’s photo and signature.

•             Original passport as the proof.

•             Confirmed ticket to and from Emirates or Fly Dubai

•             Invitation related document is you have a host in Dubai

•             NOC and photo ID of parents or husband are required with alone female and student travelers.

•             A passport copies or residence visa copy of the host is required with female and student alone passengers.

•             Visa fee amount in cash, credit, or DD.

Travel History

Travelers with a travel record within the last five years can apply for a Dubai tourist visa through any tour agency in Dubai. This travel record can be anywhere including the United Arab Emirates. Valid visa holders to some of the prominent tourist destinations including UK, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the USA also can apply for a visa to Dubai.

Financial Eligibility

People without a previous travel record to submit along with the visa application can go with their financial records. A minimum income level of 2 lakh per year must be acquired from a business or profession and the travel record should include the income tax return of this income.

Investment of an amount of 5 lakh or more also works as the financial record for the eligibility to get a Dubai visa. Special document required along with the financial records include salary slips and income tax returns of the last six months along with pan card.

Invitation from Relative with UAE Residence Visa

People already residing in the UAE can invite their spouse, children below 21 years of age, and parents who aged above 60 years. The document requirements are the same. One document that becomes imperative in this case is the invitation letter from the host along with the copies of host’s passport and resident visa in UAE.

Dubai Tourist Visa Types

Tourist visas offered from the Dubai government is the sub class comes under the visit visa. There are limitations for a traveler with a tourist visa inside Dubai compared with the freedom that any other visit visa offers for them. The permitted activities inside Dubai for a visitor with tourist visa are limited.

Tourist Visa for 14 Days

You can apply a tourist visa for 14 days to Dubai if you like to stay in the city for a limited amount of time. Choosing the type of visa completely depends on your available time and preferences. It is a better choice for the people with less time to spare for a quick trip to Dubai and having some fun. Two months is the available validity of the visa. The travel must be done within this period or else you need to reapply for another visa. The 14 days period to stay in Dubai starts from the day a person land in Dubai.

Tourist Visa for 30 Days

Do you wish to stay a little longer in Dubai? These 30 days tourist visa is then for you. Like with the 14 days visa, it allows a traveler to stay in Dubai for coming 30 days from the day of arrival. 60 days is the validity available for this visa and the travel should be completed within this period. This visa has an option to extend for a number of 10 days. Certain terms and conditions are applied for this extension period.

These are the two options available for the sole purpose of tourism. However, there are other visa modes available for a Dubai trip to be chosen according to the travelers’ preferences. All the related document clearance, visa application, and visa renewal jobs can be done effortlessly through seeking the help from the experienced tour agency in Dubai. UBL travels have the best packages to visit Dubai including all major interior and exterior activities. You can know the right package for you from our website. We help travelers to get UAE visit visa online without getting into the strangling travel documentation and procedures.