Things To Do in Dubai -Events, Activities & Places to Visit

Things To Do in Dubai -Events, Activities & Places to Visit

Date published: Jun - 10 - 2021

Dubai is one of the first spots that comes into mind for most of us when considering a tourist spot from the seven emirates of the UAE. You can find impressive skyscrapers, malls, museums, and many more architectural beauties mingled with Arabian culture and modern advancements. Even though Dubai is one of the expensive places on earth you can visit, there are cheap travel destinations from Dubai to have much fun.

If you are traveling to Dubai not knowing what to do in the city, you can tour everything in Dubai with the best travel agency in Dubai like UBL travels. Making a trip to Dubai includes knowing the most advanced modern facilities and the cultural richness of the place. All emirates in Dubai is known for their unique architectures of buildings and the cultural difference between them.

As one of the prime entertainment and business centers of the UAE, Dubai has several activities, events, and places eagerly waiting for your arrival. Here are some of the most desirable things for you to do as long as you remain in Dubai. UBL travel agency in Dubai can help you with all these destinations and activities to be enjoyed at their full potential.

Sights to Watch and Enjoy Around in Dubai
Let’s start with small activities that do not need much body movement or daring mind. And sightseeing is the easiest thing to do in any place on this earth. Same in Dubai, there are some beautiful places and architectural assets that you need to experience once in your lifetime. Here are a few of the important ones from all of them.

Burj Khalifa
There might not be any need to explain a building named Burj Khalifa in this list of sightseeing locations of Dubai. Whenever there is a mention of Dubai in the modern era, there will be at least one picture of this building. It is the most popular location in Dubai. It is a 160-floor building with decks for observing Dubai in its absolute beauty from the top of the building.
People who travel in Dubai always love to get on that top-level and have engraved that beautiful scenery in their minds. 

Dubai Aquarium
Another one of the most visited sights in Dubai is its luxurious Dubai Mall, which is also the largest shopping mall. It itself is a sight to see and wander around when you are in Dubai. Besides, the mall is made of some extra views inside it, like the Dubai Aquarium. You can experience thousands of living beings in water from this aquarium on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall.
Moreover, all these thousands of living creatures underwater are from about 140 different species. The aquarium has a 10 million liter water tank with marine species like different types of sharks and other sea creatures. After all, this can be considered as one of the cheapest travel destinations from Dubai.

Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai
A well-maintained museum that says the history of Dubai’s rulers and Al Fahidi Fort. It says the story of several trade relations of Dubai along with the collection of valuable craft pieces and things which the people used in Dubai. If you are into knowing the culture of different places you visit, the Dubai museum will tell you the story of Dubai.

Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi
Here is another one of the cheapest travel destinations from Dubai that only takes an extra AED 60 to explore the history. A one and a half-hour road trip can take you from Dubai to Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the latest addition to the UAE’s architectural beauty. It was opened to the public on 11 November 2017 by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism.

There are special events at regular showtimes and about 35000 collections to experience the history and culture. Moreover, the architectural brilliance of the Louvre Museum is itself a landscape that needs to be seen.

More sightseeing Locations in Dubai
Dubai Museum of Illusion
Light & Sound Show, Dubai Fountain
Dubai Dolphinarium
Ferrari World, Dubai
Jumeirah Beach
Kite Beach
Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Activities and Adventures for in Dubai
After all the sightseeing, there are some activities in Dubai that need some courage to involve in. Or, at least some motivation from inside. Here are some of those things you can enjoy in Dubai.

Indoor and Outdoor Skydiving
Skydiving from the sky is a therapy for some people while a nightmare for many others. And skydiving is one of the most popular adventures that Dubai is known for. You can do it with experienced skydivers and even can do it yourself if you are licensed to doing skydiving. The spellbinding views of Dubai will be zoomed in and out of your sky while you falling from the endless sky. Even if it is an expensive activity, you can save up some money for it by getting the cheapest tourist visa Dubai can offer. 
Another way of getting a relatable experience is by doing indoor skydiving at iFly Dubai. Besides, this helps you as a starting point for getting rid of the fear of a real skydive experience. 

Desert Safari in Dubai
Desert safari is another well-known adventure that you can take part in and it is not as dangerous as skydiving. Any travel agency in Dubai will give you an experience of desert surfing in powerful 4 x 4 SUVs. Wheeling those four-wheelers through the sand dunes of the Arabian desert is exquisite and adventurous.

Ice activities in Ski Dubai
Dubai is a place that sits in the center of heavy sunlight and 360 surround desert. In the middle of all this, there is a place that can give the coldest experience you might experience in this lifetime. Ski Dubai has temperature levels that near and below zero degrees alongside several activity tracks to do ice skating and many ice adventures.

More Activities to do in Dubai
Wild Wadi Water theme park, Dubai
Hot Air Ballooning
Reef and Wreck Diving
Mountain Biking
Camel Rides through Desert
Sand Boarding

Want to go to Dubai, Here are some thoughts
A trip to Dubai is one of the best decisions you can make for the upcoming vacation but it must be with the best travel agency in Dubai. UBL Travels is a travel agency in Dubai you can trust with your money and safety in that journey.  We offer the best cruising experiences over creeks and marinas alongside all the above-mentioned activities including sightseeing. So, get your bags ready and be ready to be thrilled with the amenities that Dubai offers you.