Things you should consume and wear during a desert safari

Things you should consume and wear during a desert safari

Date published: Mar - 22 - 2021

Are you confused about what to consume before taking a desert safari to Dubai? Those who work for a desert safari company will definitely know how to deal with this and what to take before a safari. This is why we as a travel agency in Dubai is ready to reveal this to you. Most of the people who have taken a safari to the desert surely will know what to wear, consume and carry with them.  

Desert safaris can be compared to roller-coaster rides. You should prepare yourself for this, as most of us will feel a bit awkward about taking these rides. Sometimes it can be a bit unpleasant not carrying the required things.

Have you experienced dune bashing? If not, then it is really fun and pleasant and is just like a roller coaster ride done on the jeep and through the sand. You can experience it with any Dubaitour agency and travel through the highest sand dunes in the most craziest manner possible, moving up and down the desert. With a highly experienced off-road expert, you can be safe and at the same time have an exciting and thrilling journey through the sands. You can move up and down the sands with the expert, where he/she will stay at the top for some time and then go downwards. You can feel the adrenaline rush and the pleasure you receive is unexplainable. Your stomach can be upset by the traveling performed up and down.   

What to eat before a desert safari?

So what can you consume before taking the Desert safari? You can have healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and overeating is not good. You should avoid fatty and spicy foods. For the food to digest, you should eat one hour before the safari, to have cushion time. Dehydration normally causes nausea, which is why you have to take plenty of water.

What types of clothes should you wear during a desert safari?

Sticking to your idea of what to wear should be planned accordingly. Your dress should suit the desert safari, which means they must be the adjustable, breathable and neutral type of cloth able to deal with both cold and hot temperatures. Also to be able to deal with the dust of the desert. The desert is not always hot, during the mornings and evenings it can be cold and you will have to wear it accordingly. But when it appears to be hot, you should dress accordingly. If you are planning to have a desert safari then book with the best tours and travels in Dubai.

When you are on the morning desert safari, you can opt for a tank top or t-shirt underneath and also have this on the evening desert safari as the temperatures in the desert start dropping.

If the temperatures are still low, you can wear long-sleeved tops and convenient trousers for the early morning ride. Being the general dress code in the UAE, it is also the best option for daytime lounging. Even though most people wear shorts, it is better known to be worn in the hot afternoons.

Wearing shorts might be uncomfortable for you as you will be sitting in an air-conditioned vehicle more than you think. Most of the sand activities such as sand-boarding can give you sands in places where you don't want it to be. Taking camel rides in shorts are also not a good choice as it might make you uncomfortable. So it is always good to choose trousers