This Desert Has The Largest Garden In The World

This Desert Has The Largest Garden In The World

Date published: Sep - 05 - 2019

The world's largest garden in the desert, where the grass does not grow; Miracle Garden is a desert green revolution. It was 10 am when we arrived at Miracle Garden. Good rush around and ticket counter. Many vehicles. The total giggle. Adults pay 40 dirhams to see the Miracle Garden, one of the largest gardens in the world. Entrance fee for children is Dh30. The professional camera has to pay Dh500 for a separate ticket. Simply put, you have to pay enough to buy a digital camera to photograph here.

We arrived in gorgeous colors. Vendors with balloons at the entrance. Flowering wherever you turn. The Miracle Garden in Dubai was inaugurated on Valentine's day of 2013.  At first, I thought it would be a display of plastic flowers, but all are good original flowers. 

There are over 450 lakh flowers blooming on 18 acres of land. More than seven lakh liters of water is used per day to water the plants. Dip irrigation is practiced in all the gardens in Dubai. Irrigation through small pits placed permanently at the base of the plant. Wastewater is used for this purpose. The Miracle Garden is open to visitors from October to April. Winters in Dubai are favorable for flowering. The gardens are closed as the summer gets hard. The remaining six months are spent on plant care and other preparation. 

Visitors can go to the flower gates, stars, pyramids, small houses, and vehicles. The ostrich and other figures are arranged in the center. Floral shrubs around. Lots of seating for visitors to sit and enjoy the views.

A fascinating sight to behold as we walked through the gardens was the art of writing with mud. In five minutes, the name will be written in the sands inside the bottle. He creates pictures and letters in a specially bottled bottle of sand in different colors. 
Next up are bottles of various sizes and shapes ready for sale. Many people have gathered to see this. The children standing next to him gazed at him with wonder. We've been seeing these sights for a while.

Couples who come here to take a walk and take photos of the Arch of Love, or the love gate. If you search the Internet for the Miracle Garden, you'll see this long line of Archives of Love.

Visitors who once visited the Miracle Garden will find another garden to visit later. Flowers of different colors and varieties are placed here to keep the visitors from getting bored.