Top nine reasons why Armenia is a great choice for you next trip

Top nine reasons why Armenia is a great choice for you next trip

Date published: Jun - 13 - 2021

Hidden behind Turkey and fortified with a rich geographical wall of seclusion, Armenia is not easily spotted by travellers. This beautiful country looks like it came right out of a fairy world of some ancient children’s books. Tourism has not yet grown into its absolute form here and many travel agencies in UAE still disregard Armenia’s potential for being a top tourist destination. But that is exactly one of the reasons solo travellers are drawn to this tiny land.

The quiet and mysterious landscape of Armenia fills the soul of a traveller who is seeking silence. If you are craving a getaway from the crowded concrete jungle and looking to explore the wilderness of earth’s farthest lands, Armenia is a great choice for you. The cultural heritage and the enigmatic history will sure to take you a prisoner here. Here is our list of the top nine reasons why you should visit Armenia.

1.       Mount Ararat is waiting for you

The majestic Mount Ararat is the prime landmark of Armenia. This marvelous mountain is described in the bible itself. This is the mountain where Noah’s ark stopped its course finally. It is believed that Noah and his family settled down here afterwards. Standing tall and old, as if overlooking the world itself, Mount Ararat is a stroke of pride for the Armenians. They consider this mountain as their motherland itself. You can enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Ararat from any part of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. There are some excellent view spots built for the travellers to take in the best shots of the mountainous area.

2.       Pristine and fresh

Tired of the noise and pollution of the city? Who doesn’t long for some fresh air in this busy hustle of a world?

You get to enjoy the world’s freshest air in the purest form in Armenia. Untouched by the outstretched hands of outside world, Armenia is a virgin land of beauty and pristine atmosphere. Everything from the air to food is healthy and organic.  You can experience the wheels turning a few centuries back to where everything was natural and great for the body. A rejuvenating revision into the country land is something you are guaranteed in the Armenian land. Dubai tours and travels are slowly recognizing how Armenia’s harmonious environment with nature favors tourism here.

3.       A lifestyle worth jealous of

Armenia is home to a small group of warm and friendly natives. Be warned, the organic and eco-friendly lifestyle may amaze you. Everything from homemade spreads, juicy apple jams and hand-churned butter reminds you of the old country side life. The delicious wine might just be the best you have ever tasted. While the rest of the world pays dollars after dollars to bring back that old organic era, Armenians are already living in it, pro-style.

4.       A history that captivates you

Walking into the cultural heritage of Armenia is like taking a stroll across the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The dark and mysterious past will enthrall you, compel you to ask more. By the end of it, you would feel you have accidentally taken a ride in the world’s first time machine itself. Armenia is trapped between a sea of nations from distinctly different cultural backgrounds like Georgia, Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan. The country has witnessed some major events in action like genocides and earthquakes. Despite the chaotic history, Armenia has been the arena for some profound civilizational turning points and source of significant cultural developments. The relics of a stellar past remain in Armenia, waiting to be seen and understood.

5.       First country to adopt Christianity

Armenia is home to many of history’s first. But the most important of them is the world’s first adoption of Christianity. This is the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion. It started in concurrence with the demolishment of pagan temples in 301 AD. The world’s very first Christian cathedral is situated in Echmiadzin, a prime religious center in Armenia. Armenia is also home to much important medieval architecture related to Christianity.

6.       The longest ropeway in the world

The Tatev monastery is located at the end of world’s longest ropeway in the world. Stretching for a good 5.8 kilometers, you get to enjoy a free-air walk for 12 minutes with an upward view of river Vorotan. At the end of this grand ropeway, lays the monastery as old as the world itself and with plenty of stories to tell.

7.       A splendid mouth-watering cuisine

Armenia offers you one of the oldest European cuisines. The diverse dishes are made from the careful culinary of different vegetables, spices and fruits that are indigenous to the mountains. The fermented Armenian yogurt, Armenian meat balls, tolma, khorovat, lavash- the list doesn’t stop. Whether it is a full course meal or a little evening snack, the Armenian cuisines are sure to leave your mount watering with exotic varieties of south Caucasian dishes.

8.       The mountains lay for the wild spirits

The mountainous places and the comfortable climate conditions will beckon you to savor the vast outdoors, offering all the space you have asked for. The picturesque and huge terrains provide plenty of opportunities for extreme sports like paragliding. Skiing and snowboards are some of the other favorite tourist activities here. The ski resort at Tsaghkadzor has top notch modern facilities that promise a safe and adrenaline-filling adventure in the mighty mountains. The technology and equipment are safe, affordable and world class.

9.       Paradise for lone wolfs

One might not admit it- but travelling for many is also a search for the soul, to find a true purpose and to experience the globe in its deep ferocity. Solo travelling has increasingly become popular in the world, as more and more people set out to explore the world on their own, enjoying the company of themselves and desiring some quietness. If you are looking for a trip free from the chaos of the modern world along with a safe escape, Armenia has got just that for you. You can keep yourself awestruck with the cosmic wilderness of Armenia with an unobtrusive self-assessment.


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