Top Thing To do In Dubai - UBL Travels Blog

Top Thing To do In Dubai - UBL Travels Blog

Date published: Oct - 23 - 2019

From the moment you arrive at the Dubai AirPort, you will be amazed at the beauty of the place. There are a lot of things to see and experience. Camel riding, desert safari, belly dancing, scuba diving, dune jumping, and more items are there for you.  If you are sporty in nature then it will give you the best memorable moments in Dubai. Getting into the living heart of old Dubai and getting to know the cultural heritage is an amazing thing. The incredible experience of the dance fountains of the Burj Khalifa is worth a visit. It will be a magical experience that will never be forgotten. Dubai is automatically transforming into a business hub with supersized hotels, malls and aquariums there. Buffets, amusement parks, designer cars, and luxurious yards are some of the other prime attractions in Dubai. A trip to the Burj Khalifa, the world's largest building, is a dream come true for many tourists, as well as the largest flower arrangement in the world, a mega brunch, sixteen rows Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, skydive from an airplane, like lots of things in Dubai that would amaze you. 

Spending some time on the sandy beaches glistening with sunshine all year long, so you have plenty to experience in Dubai life. You can enjoy the world of wonder without limits, The style of Arabian food and culture is something to be experienced. Don't miss a trip to Dubai. Most of the year there will be steam in Dubai. The best time to visit Dubai is in November-March.
Temperatures are mild in January, therefore, it is considered the best month to visit if you are going to visit the sun, sea, and sand. Then the best time for you is, during the autumn and spring, You can give your body bronze during the day and cool down in the dark at shopping malls, air-conditioned restaurants, and bars. In June and September, the average temperature in Dubai is above forty degrees Celsius. Every time you are in Dubai you must obey the laws. Dubai is a place with many local laws. Islam is an important part of the daily life of the UAE. Emirates follows the five pillars of Islam. Similarly, Islam adheres to the code of conduct. Praying five times a day, fasting, proclaiming that there is no god but Allah, charitable acts, pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in life are the five pillars.

Dress modestly, women should wear skirts covering the knees and should not wear tops with sleeves, and also avoid tight or pointed clothing. Men should wear trousers jeans, tops, and sleeves.  It is illegal to use alcohol in public. Alcohol is available at all club restaurants, hotels, and bars.
So,  After going to a club or pub, always call a taxi and go straight to the hotel. Restaurants outside hotels are not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages. An Emirati woman cannot shake her hand or take a photo without her permission. In most places, the holiday is considered Friday (Prayer Day).
Most firms write on the doors or windows of an opening-time business firm.

The malls are open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, though there is a time difference between small shops. Soup shops, small suburban malls, and souk stalls remain closed from 1 to 4/5 pm. After all, these are the things allowed in the magical world of Dubai.