Top things to know before visiting Dubai

Top things to know before visiting Dubai

Date published: Jul - 06 - 2021

Dubai, an ostentatious city that many people dream about visiting at least once in their lifetime. This prominent emirate of UAE luxuriously spread out for miles, is not a small city as many might think. Services all around the world like UBL Travels offer great deals on Dubai tours and travels. It is one place many people seek for an exotic escape from their busy life, capable of providing all visages of enjoyment.

Like any other alluring thing, Dubai is also engraved along with misconceptions in the thoughts of several people. Dubai is a place for the rich is one myth that numerous amount of people carry in their brains. It is also not a place created without strong roots and culture instead, there are museums and cultural shows to experience Dubai well.

However, there is no better way than traveling to a place to know more about it. Getting yourself a ticket from the best travel agency with great deals in price would never go wrong. Tourist VISA is available for a limited period to visit and enjoy Dubai and get to know the nickname “The Gulf Tiger” for the city is reasonable. Here are few things to be noted before going to spend your holidays in Dubai.

Dubai Can be Affordable

The main problem faced by people traveling to Dubai is the expense they have to take care of. Anything from air tickets to activities comes with an expensive price tag on it. However, this should never stop anyone from visiting this beautiful place. Dubai is affordable in the summer season and the city has its share of street food vendors who makes the same expensive food that one might eat from an expensive hotel.

Take a ticket to the city in summer but always remember that it is the Hot Ultimate when it is hot. Summer is recommended for the reduction of cost because of the price cuts that happen in the market. Hotels, restaurants, and most other amenities are more affordable in summer compared to winter.

Traveling inside Dubai

Travel to Dubai is your choice but traveling inside Dubai must be chosen wisely. The city has all kinds of transportation facilities from public transport to car rentals. Taxis are more preferred transportation system among people due to safety, cleanliness, and a relaxing experience. However, they are expensive and can take a good portion of your whole budget easily.

Dubai is big and has a lot of kilometers to travel. That alongside a good experience makes the taxis expensive. The best way to travel around Dubai is by public transports using a rechargeable NOL card. It offers access to the bus and metro services in the city and they all are safe to utilize like anything else in Dubai. It is considered the second safest place in the world.

Be Respectful to the People and Culture

Dubai offers a great deal of enjoyment but it must not overlook the respect deserved by its culture and the people. Choosing Ramadhan to visit Dubai might not be a good idea for a person who loves eating outside a lot. Eating, drinking, or smoking during the daytime when Muslims fasting can put you in trouble.

There is a misconception on the dress code of Dubai among the world that they cannot wear anything other than fully covering clothes. It is true in some places where you have to wear a dress with enough length to cover sensitive body parts and men always need shirts. However, in areas like beaches and special places, shorts and even bikinis are also allowed for anyone.

Romance is good inside the heart but not in public. PDA is offensive to the Muslim culture of Dubai so remember to keep hormones in check. Otherwise, you could get arrested for public display of affection. Although, it will not get you in any trouble for holding the hands of your loved ones anywhere in Dubai.

Alcohol in Dubai

Alcohol is available at several places and is legal to consume for people above the age of 21 in Dubai. However, the consumption is completely at your own risk, and buying yourself a bottle is not possible unless you have a license. Any problem created by a drunk person is a serious offense that can cause big trouble anywhere in Dubai.

Dubai is not all about Skyscrapers and Skydiving

Another thought that people are engulfed by the stories of short-term travelers is that Dubai is all about the highest building and expensive skydiving experiences. This is wrong instead, there is a historic culture in the city itself and the population currently living in Dubai consists of 90 percent of international travelers from countries all around the world.

This makes Dubai one of the places with the most versatile culture in the world. Furthermore, you have the chance to know more about the historic roots of Dubai and its native culture. Dubai Museum, Etihad museum, and more cultural centers with special programs are there in the city for this purpose.

Endless possibilities of Entertainment

Dubai is heaven on earth when it comes to entertainment activities. It is filled with indoor and outdoor activities for all kinds of people. Jumping from the plane to sliding above the ice is possible here. The list of possibilities includes desert safari, beaches, skydiving (indoor and outdoor), sightseeing, helicopter rides, cruising, and the list is going on and on.

You can simply spend a week in Dubai without taking a rest from activities and still there will be more to do. Various soaks in Dubai are the best places to visit for a local Arabian experience. It can take you to ancient Dubai when there were no big buildings and technology existed. After all, there nothing better than watching and experiencing the real entertainment behind that big piece of walls.

Choose to travel with the best travel agency

Choosing the best travel partner is important for experiencing what Dubai has to offer you. They can provide you best travel packages including all indoor and outdoor activities across Dubai. Reputed companies like UBL Travels offers Dubai tours and travels at affordable price. We also take care of the tourist VISA processing and extension if you choose to stay a little more in Dubai.