Tourist Visa, International Trip, Holiday Packages & much more!

Tourist Visa, International Trip, Holiday Packages & much more!

Date published: May - 18 - 2022

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world! It has exotic hotels, rich malls, quiet beaches, picturesque vistas, and exhilarating experiences that are drastically different from the unique nature of the rest of Asia. Unfortunately, Indian passport holders still need to apply for a visa before entering Dubai.

How to Apply for a Visa to Dubai/UAE:

Dubai visas may be obtained by Indians using the online visa provider Dubai visa. Indians may now obtain a Dubai visa in as little as two hours by completing an electronic application form.

Whether you are applying for a tourist visa or a business visa, the following information will offer you a better knowledge of Dubai- visit visa UAE application procedures:

1. Determine The Type of UAE Visa you Require.

There are three sorts of visas available: transit, tourist, and visit. The tourist visa requirements will be covered in this visa guide. However, for your convenience, below is a breakdown of each visa type:

?     Visit Visa - sponsored by family or friends in the UAE. Available for either 30 or 90 days.

?     Tourist Visa - Tourists can stay in the UAE for 30 days if they are sponsored by UAE airlines, hotels, or travel companies.

?     Transit Visa – Valid for 96 hours and 14 days from the date of issue if (a) you have a valid passport and a confirmed booking to your third destination, or (b) you must leave the UAE within 96 hours of arrival or 14 days after the visa is issued, or (c) you have a confirmed hotel reservation in the UAE.

2. Gather The Necessary Paperwork For Your Visa.

There aren't many prerequisites for applying for a Dubai visa, whether it's a tourist visa or a business visa. However, a few papers must be included when filling out the visa application form at Dubai visa. The following is a list of often necessary papers for easy visa service UAE:

The following are the essential conditions for obtaining a UAE (Dubai) visa, as mentioned:

?     Scan of your Indian passport's bio (page 2) and last page

?     The passport is valid for another 6 months from the scheduled trip date.

?     Ensure that your traveler's signature is included on the reverse.

?     Color ID Photo Scanned

?     Passport-sized color photograph on a white backdrop

?     Put your name on the back, then scan it.

?     Application form completed

?     Your application form may change depending on who your sponsor is. However, before proceeding with the rest of your application, make sure you secure a sponsor.

?     However, for your convenience, here is a. Please keep in mind that your sponsor will need to complete some sections of the application form.

?     Visa fee

?     Once again, the visa price will vary based on the sponsor you've chosen. You may compare rates by visiting the websites of numerous hotels in Dubai, airlines, and travel agents!

3. Gather The Necessary Documentation For Your UAE Tourist Visa.

You might anticipate your sponsor to request more information from you in order to process your application. Here are some of the probable necessities that you should have on hand:

?     Your passport must be valid for at least six months following your return from Dubai.

?     A copy of your completed visa application form.

?     Two passport-sized photos

?     A cover letter outlining the purpose and duration of the visit.

?     Hotel reservation document with an original confirmed return ticket

?     A copy of your PAN card

?     Income tax returns, photocopied

?     An investment of at least INR 5 lakhs in the form of a fixed deposit.

?     A female lone traveler will need permission from her father or spouse. 

4. Fill Out Your Application Online.

After gathering all of the required papers, you can proceed to fill out the visa application form. The Dubai visa application form procedure consists of a few easy stages that may be completed quickly. If you have any questions, you may contact the UBL Travels website's helpdesk.

Additional Tips for Obtaining a Dubai Visa:

1. Double-check All of Your Specifications!

It won't hurt to double-check your criteria before submitting them. Once your application has been sent to your sponsor, it will be impossible to amend or add to your documentation.

2. Conduct Further Research!

Make sure to look into as many hotels and agencies as possible and compare costs to get the most bang for your dollars!

3. Include As Many Supporting Papers As Possible!

Once you've submitted all of your paperwork to your local consulate or embassy, they'll handle the remainder of the procedure. That being said, before submitting your requests, do your bit by researching any papers that you may require and including them as well.


You heard that right, travelers of all ages must have proper travel papers and visas when visiting the UAE. Dubai is a popular international tourist destination, and the relatively smooth and quick visa process is a huge plus. Because of its rich culture and elegant city lifestyle, it has become a famous tourist destination.

If you have relatives or friends who live in different areas of the world, Dubai may be a great spot for a get-together. Everyone in your family and friends can apply for a Dubai tourist visa using the same tour company or airline. UBL Tours and Travels now can assist you with all kinds of Visa services you need in traveling to UAE. Contact us now to know more.