Travel Essentials for Every Solo Traveler

Travel Essentials for Every Solo Traveler

Date published: Sep - 03 - 2021

Let’s be real here: there is an aspiring solo traveler in all of us. There is nothing more liberating and exciting than a solo trip to the tempting nooks of this beautiful globe. Of course, we cannot just set out on a lone trip one fine morning. After all, we have needs. Whether you are planning to go on your first solo trip or you are a veteran lonely tourist, it is important to pack right for the travel. You do not want to get stranded somewhere unknown missing your vital stuff and effectively ruining a beautiful trip. Along with finding the best travel agency that can make the perfect trip for you, you should also be mindful to pack the best backpack before travel.

Here is our very own list of essential travel items that every solo traveler must carry with them. Check it out:

1. Water bottle

First things first: let us start with the precious lifeline itself. Carrying a lightweight and portable water bottle can always come in handy if you are planning on long treks or walks. Nothing can kill a perfect trip like getting a dry mouth in the middle of it. So take sufficient aqua with you. And make sure to fill your water bottle every time you can.

 2. Anti theft backpack

Safety is a primary concern for everyone who travels alone. It is easier for solo travelers to get mugged or cheated. Anyone who is slightly aware of this fact should invest on a high-quality anti theft backpacks. These bags are specially designed to add extra protection to your precious goodies. The latest backpacks in the market often also have provision to get your digital devices charged. They can also come with different functionalities like water resistance, dual-access with built in chargers. Make sure to pick a backpack that is enough tear-resistant and padded strips too and you are good to go!

 3. Power bank

We don’t even need to point this out as anyone who has ever travelled alone would know the importance of a portable power bank. Dead electronics can be the worst thing that can happen to you in a solo trip, in the modern days. A power bank becomes nothing less than a savior in these situations. Get a good quality and long lasting power bank, preferably travel sized.

 4. Paper towels

Tissues and paper towels are never for nothing. An easy dry towel or a micro fiber towel can really become helpful as you cannot access water or a washroom everywhere you go. And of course, you must give prior importance to hygiene no matter where you are travelling to. A multipurpose pack of tissue paper can serve you in more than one ways.

 5. Toiletries

Toiletries are of course a necessity in all travels. It does not matter if you are a man or woman. Making sure your toiletry bag is stocked with essentials is a step you do not want to miss. In addition to general stuff like a toothbrush and soap, carry a sunscreen, hand wash, creams etc. you might also need deodorants, brush and a solid mosquito-repellant just in case. Women must not forget to add some good menstrual products and a few extra wipes with them.

 6. First aid kit

Packing a mini first aid kit can look a little extra for some. But you can never underestimate the power of a good first aid kit in unprecedented situations, especially during these pandemic times. Take band aids, antibiotics, hand sanitizers, Tylenol and everything else you think you might need on the way. Do not forget to take your own medical kit and prescriptions if you have any.

 7. Plastic bags

Plastic bags and reusable bags can save you from the peril of carrying commodities or a torn or wet bag. A reusable bag in these cases can be effective. Rather than using a bunch of plastic bags and throwing it away, you can use the reusable bag all through the journey.

 8. Snack bars

Hunger can come uninvited at times and you might not be even close to a rest station. You can keep those hunger pangs down by taking some snack bars or dry foods with you. A few chocolates might do the trick too. Energizing foods will keep you good and ready for long expeditions.

 9. Shoes

Having to pack different pairs of shoes on tours can be inconvenient and slightly ridiculous. Reduce your shoe supply one good pair of durable, lightweight and comfortable sneakers that can go with anything. Sneakers are also a great choice for long walks without having to worry about strained feet. That being said, carrying an additional pair of flip-flops can also be beneficial.

 10. Headlamp

Headlamps can turn out incredibly useful in solo treks to exotic locations and especially during night times. Investing in a lightweight headlamp can save you from the hassle of using a mobile phone flashlight all the time.

 11. Folder for documents

As important as it is to carry your documents, you must have it securely gathered together at one place. Use a specialized folder or bag with you to carry the documents like passport, photographs, medical prescriptions, ID etc. while printed out documents can look overweight and you should try your best to switch to digital copies of everything, paperwork in the hard forms are still one of those necessities you should not skip. The proper amount of paperwork can save you a lot of fuss during tours like Dubai travels.

 12. Scarf

Scarves are multipurpose. They can protect you from cold weather and can serve as a fashion statement that goes with almost any outfit. You can use the scarf to cover your head, as a sleeping cover, an extra blanket or even as a face mask. Who knows, maybe you can even transform yourself into a draped outfit at times.

 13. Padlocks

Buy some extra padlocks to secure your luggage anywhere you go. Look for the padlocks that are convenient, lightweight and can fit your zip space. You can easily buy strong and durable anti theft padlocks from top brands.

 14. Knife

A knife can also turn multipurpose and extremely handy. There is no stopping of the list of things you can do with a hand-size knife. Open a can, cut a chord, chop some veggies or even self defense. Knives can be your best friend in some serious situations that call for basic survival tactics.

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