Travelling- a way of exploring oneself

Travelling- a way of exploring oneself

Date published: Sep - 26 - 2019

There is not a single person who hasn't wished to travel places, leaving behind all the worries and tensions, letting their mind wander freely, independently, searching for the freshness it will offer. A soothing journey can not only calm you but can motivate you in trying new adventures. Once experienced the true feeling there is no turning back.

Travelling can give you more than you ask for. One can understand the real culture, traditions, people, language and the food of an unvisited place only by experiencing it and not by hearing it from others or by reading travel blogs. Everything you experience cannot be felt by the other person, it is something you can keep for yourself, some wonderful memories. Those unforgettable moments will be captured by your soul, thanking you for letting it snow, deep inside.

Travelling makes you more confident and independent. Finally, you will find out that you can travel without any support from your family. One way to give self-motivation is by traveling, where you will explore new things, try it out for yourself and moreover it is a way of finding out the real you- both your negatives and positives.  

In one's mind, it can be an escape from reality, when in actuality it means finding out what is real. Travelling can lift your mood; take down your mental state of depression and make you a better human being. Moreover promoting travel is one way of providing jobs to needy people, especially women and youth. Today’s technology can help you in reflecting the places you have visited through your travel blogs and photography. This is another way of promoting tourism, by which you can introduce a place you have visited and explain it through your point of view.

Travelling is a means of helping people, by understanding their culture and traditions you are promising to protect the land from destruction and you are obliged to do so. So let us make a promise to protect our nature and culture from extinction and not to harm it through our in human activities, on this World Tourism Day.