Two new visas to Dubai- All you need to know about the new Dubai visas

Two new visas to Dubai- All you need to know about the new Dubai visas

Date published: May - 16 - 2021

Dubai ministry has introduced two new visas recently -a remote work visa and a multiple-entry visa. Sheikh Muhammad bin Rasheed, vice-president and prime minister of Dubai, has announced the new visas to uplift Dubai’s struggling tourist sector. The UAE cabinet has approved said visas for all nationalities. These virtual visas are believed to ease remote working and movements for the citizens who are restricted by the current Covid pandemic. Citizens can apply for UAE visit visas online through various online portals.

Remote work visa

The new remote work visa enables workers and professionals from around the world to work comfortably. Professionals can freely work for their UAE companies from their homes for almost a year. They can remain at their homes complying with the terms and conditions that come with the visa. Professionals must also be able to fund themselves during this period. They can work in UAE offices utilizing their own sponsorship. Workers can now work from their homes irrespective of their office locations.

UAE cabinet hopes that the new remote work visa can boost the work environment with renewed productivity and a good work-life balance. It may also help the tours and travels in Dubai that are stressed due to fluctuating economy.

Multi entry tourist visa

Multi entry tourist visa is a five-year visa that facilitates citizens to enter and exit the country without needing a guarantor. Each entry allows a visit of 90 days which is extendable to another 90 days. The multi-entry tourist visa is part of the new initiatives to develop flexible programs that can soothe pandemic aftereffects. You can grab  UAE visit visa online with the help of government portals.

The new visas are sure to improve quality of living for UAE citizens and would enhance the inflow of skilled human resources in the country. Sheikh Muhammad has added that the cabinet will continue to introduce new reforms and measures to ease the effect of covid-19 in the emirates’ economy.


The government is introducing more and more schemes to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Dubai's economy and business sectors are facing severe blows since the onset of the Covid pandemic. Tours and travels in Dubai are especially under pressure as international travel is restricted on a global basis.  And the new visa reforms would definitely alleviate its impact by a large margin.