Views of Dubai, the Last Word of Luxury

Views of Dubai, the Last Word of Luxury

Date published: Aug - 02 - 2019

Luxury Views of Dubai

When it comes to foreign tours, Dubai is still the favorite city of India and Kerala. As of April this year, 564,836 Indians had visited Dubai. The low cost, excellent amenities, the closeness with India, the security, and the restaurants that serve the Indian delicacies, including Kerala, attract Indian tourists to Dubai. Then there are the amazing, vibrant fire parks, water parks, rides and beaches that inspire you to fly to Dubai .

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Burj Khalifa

From the bus stop to the Burj Khalifa, luxury stands out in every building. The photo of the city of Dubai, taken from the top of the Burj, is enough to entice a traveler to break all the restrictions of luxury. The three-day trip is worth thirty thousand.

City Tour and  Desert Safari

City Tour, Desert Safari, Shopping and Food - these are the main attractions of Dubai. If you board a flight from Kerala at around 5 pm, you can reach Dubai by 8.40 pm. A rich Arabian dinner that night. The first morning of the trip to see the Burj Khalifa. The beauty of Burj, which rises to the very top of the world, is a great achievement. Burj has many curiosities to visit even in a week's time.

City Tour and  Desert Safari

Global Village

Due to the lack of time, you can set aside for the big bang. You can head to Global Village in the afternoon. The next event is an urban march on a cruise ship. Enjoy the beauty of the city in its traditional wooden craft. There is no other place on earth to replace the golden city of Dubai. The bonus of this trip is the building which is said to be the last word of architecture in Dubai. Sheikh Rashid's birthplace is part of Dubai's culture.

Museum and Mosque

City Tour, Desert Safari, Belly Dance - Next Day's Morning Shows. Souq, pack-making yards, Sheikh Saeed's house, Diving Village, Wind Tower House, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Golf Courses, Arabian Traditional items. The eyes are full of sight.

Dubai travel is not complete without seeing the interior of deserts. The adventures of safari cars that jump over sand dunes are a must have at least once in your life. The Dubai Desert Safari is a journey to see the sun set over the western horizon more than ever before. There are belly dances performed by beautiful Arabian dancers in desert camps. Belly Dance, the unique dance of Arabia, will be performed amidst the gathering crowd.The rest is the Abu Dhabi City Tour. You can get around the shopping and the luxury of the city. You can go into a duty paid shop and get some new electronic gadgets. Return home with mind filled memories and a bag full of Dubai's delicate charms.