Visa Change in UAE without Exiting Secure The Cheapest Tourist visa in Dubai

Visa Change in UAE without Exiting   Secure The Cheapest Tourist visa in Dubai

Date published: Aug - 16 - 2021

Without having to exit the UAE, you can alter your visa. For tourists who are presently in the UAE, UAE is one of the few visa extension or renewal options accessible. Due to various travel limitations implemented during the Corona Pandemic, an inside country visa is a wide choice for changing your visa while staying safe at home.

The UAE authorities are concerned about the large number of people who need to prolong their stay but are unable to do so due to the visa extension requirements. The majority of long-term and short-term visit visas require the holder to depart the UAE and return to their native country before reapplication. This is not only costly but also time-consuming, particularly if the visit is for business.

The UAE has eased its visa extension rules, allowing visitors to extend their visas twice without leaving the country. The Dubai visit visa can be renewed a maximum of two times, for a total of 60 days. Depending on how you do it, extending your Dubai visa can be done for a modest charge. Please be aware that extending a visa on the last day will result in a fee of AED 100, so schedule your extension to be completed a few days before the visa expires. People on the visit or tourist visas in Dubai may now get a 30-day visa extension twice without needing to leave the country, according to recent visa regulations.

The government has adopted the Airport to Airport Exit to make things easier. This process requires around a day and is less expensive than travelling to your original country and back to extend your UAE visa.

With our new visa change within the country package, you may extend your visa without leaving the country. You do not have to go to the trouble of leaving the nation and returning when you can alter your status without leaving. UBL Travels provides outstanding visa extension packages throughout the nation. The 30-day and 90-day packages are both reasonably priced. The applicant should submit their documents at least 2-3 days before the deadline. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. The applicant do not have to leave the country at all. You can apply for your UAE visit visa online.

Here are the documents required for an inside country visa extension

•             A copy of your passport

•            Photograph of passport size

•             A copy of an expired tourist visa or a visa that has been revoked

•             If entering the UAE using the On-Arrival service, nationals will just need a copy of their passport and a picture.

 Visa Status Check

You can use the file validity checkers of the Federal Government System to validate your final day of staying and current visa status (ICA). If you have a prepaid, transit visa, select passport details and visa; if you have a resident visa that has been cancelled, select "passport information and residence." You can compute your overstaying charges based on the moment your visa expired; if you are denied, resident fines are 25 AED per day and guest fines are 100 AED per day. Our UBL travels professionals shall assist you in checking your visa validity. Our agents can provide dire advice on extending UAE visit visa online and securing the cheapest tourist visa in Dubai.

Tourist Visa and Visit Visa

Tourist visas are valid for 30 days, whereas visit visa in Dubai for 90 days. A Tourist visa's validity cannot be extended. Residents of the following countries are eligible: East and West Europe, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, Russia, the Hellenic Republic, St Kitts-Nevis, St Lucia, Mexico, and other non-defined American nationalities, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, China, Malta, and Cyprus can obtain their own tourist visas for a fee of ten UAE dirhams. A tourist visa enables a person to remain for a maximum of 60 days and maybe renewed only twice. You can get or extend your visit visa for 90 days in Dubai with the help of our travel experts at UBL travels.

Expiring Transit Visa

For those with extended layovers, the UAE offers 48-hour and 96-hour transit visas. They can depart the airport and sightsee in the UAE if they have any sort of UAE transit visa. If your flight is delayed or your travel plans change, you may always request for a visa change without leaving the country by providing your entrance and transit visa information.

The Resident Visa That has Been Cancelled

If a UAE resident has to change jobs or stay longer for a specific cause, the revoked Residence visa can be converted to a tourist visa without leaving the country, avoiding overstay penalties. You must submit your Resident Cancellation Paper as well as your residential information.

Prepaid Tourist visa

To visit the UAE, you must have a prearranged UAE visa if you have a passport from South Africa, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Jordan, or Sri Lanka. If you require an extension, you may choose the visa change without the exit option if your funds allow it. You can apply for your UAE visit visa online.

 Indian travelers with a valid USA visa or residence in the EU/UK can purchase an on-arrival entrance permit for 100 AED at the Marhaba service desk upon arrival. You will also be charged a service fee of 20 AED, following which you may continue to the passport control desk and apply for a 14-day visa. By paying a renewal price of 250 AED plus a 20 AED service charge, this term can be extended once for a total of 28 days. If an Indian visitor exceeds this time limit, they will be fined 100 AED for each additional day spent in the UAE and 200 AED for the departure permit. You will not be able to prolong your stay after the first one, and you will have to start all again.

You can secure the cheapest tourist visa in Dubai with the help of agents who are at your service 24/7.