Visa process in the UAE

Visa process in the UAE

Date published: Dec - 06 - 2019

It's not always possible to carry your passport with you, wherever you go. So it's easy to forget the date of expiry, even though there can be a short idea of the month of the expiry. It's better to carry a photocopy of the passport or to have a scanned version of the passport to be saved on your phone. In order to check the authenticity of the visa, the details of the passport can be entered and later cross-checked through the official government website.

In order to enter a foreign country, an official document is required called a visa, which is stamped to the user's passport. The different types of visas include:-


·        Work visa- Those individuals who wish to engage in business or get employed in a host country require a work visa.

·        Student visa- This is a temporary residence visa, which allows the bearer to have higher education in the host country. 

·        Transit visa-In order to pass a country that is not your destination you require a transit visa and if you are staying there more than a few hours.

·        Immigrant and non-immigrant visas- Allowing the bearer to reside permanently in the host country is what immigrant visa does, while the non-immigrant visa does this temporarily.

·        Tourist visa-For any tourist or leisure purposes in another country tourist visa is allowed and doesn't allow them to do any work in the host country.

·        Business visa- This allows a user to do business activities with other countries without joining their labour market. It is required to show that they are not receiving income from the country.

·        Spousal visa- This is made for couples to visit each other, who belong to different countries.

·        eVisa- Known as an Electronic visa, rather than glued to the user's passport, it is stored in a database.

Who are eligible for a tourist visa?

 Individual tourists around the world can apply for a tourist visa. One restriction includes - females below the age of 18 are not eligible and are allowed only if they are with their parents. If you are willing to purchase the ticket and hotel specified to you, then licensed travel agents can provide a tourist visa for you. Travel agencies based in the UAE can also be contacted.

ü Documents required for applying for your UAE visa

·        Recent colour photograph

·        Passport copy ( valid for at least 6 months)

·        Residence proof (copy of National ID card)


Depending on your country of residence additional documents will be required.