Visa Services : Recent changes in the visa policies in Dubai

Visa Services : Recent changes in the visa policies in Dubai

Date published: Jun - 16 - 2021

Recent changes in the visa policies in Dubai

The UAE has made some important changes and additions to the visa policies of its emirates including Dubai. Keeping the exceptional talents and attracting tourist's eyes are listed as the top priorities with all the significant changes in the visa policies. An efficient travel agency in Dubai can help anyone seeking services to apply for changes in their visa.

Authorities of the UAE also announced laws related to granting citizenship in the UAE. A student who is a long-term resident in Dubai or any emirates can sponsor their parents. All reformations done in the visa policies will be a great advantage for professionals, tourists, remote workers, students, and more. Here follows a more further look into every change and addition that is been made in the visa policies of the UAE.

Golden Visa

Golden visa of the UAE is still the most desired one among the people who are looking for a long-term residential opportunity in Dubai. The system for Golden Visa was implemented in 2019 for the benefit of foreigners to reside, work, and study without any local agents or sponsors in the UAE.

Another advantage of having a Golden Visa is that the person has 100% ownership of the business he does without any local sponsor companionship. The validity of a Golden visa is 5 to 10 years in which they can live in the country securely for their business, studies, etc.

Who can apply for Golden Visa

·         Investors

·         People with Exceptional talents

·         Entrepreneurs

·         Professionals in the Medical and scientific field

·         Students with Remarkable achievements

·         Researchers

Multi-Entry Visa

This is a visa that can work for the advantage of tourists who like to re-enter the premises of the country multiple times. The validity of this visa is five years and the tourist with a multi-entry visa can stay in the country for 90 days. Also, this 90 days limit can be extended for another extra 90 days. Tourists can apply for the extension of their visa for 90 days through travel companies in Dubai.

Nationalities all around the world can use this visa to enter and exit the country as many times as they need.

Remote Work Visa

Attracting inevitable talents and expertise as the main goal, the UAE approved a remote work visa for individuals all around the world. People who work remotely for companies situated in any other country in the world can use this visa. For one year, they can work in line with the conditions of the remote work visa under self-sponsorship.

So, any remote workers including entrepreneurs can take good advantage of the modern infrastructure of the UAE. The visa is also renewable with a reapplication.

Work-in-Dubai residence

The work under the Dubai residency scheme works similar to the remote work visa with little more advantages in Dubai. Through this, remote workers and their families can enter Dubai on an annual basis. It offers them all the possibilities of a high-quality lifestyle and developed infrastructure for their work and life.

Eligibility criteria for the application of the work-in-Dubai scheme include a passport with a validity of at least six months. A one-year contract validity proof and a minimum monthly salary of $5000 are also required for approval.

Student Sponsorship for Family

For a student who pursuing their studies in any university under the UAE, they will be eligible to sponsor their family members to live in the premises of Dubai and any emirates of the UAE. This will allow the student to keep their family member inside the country as long as they can afford a living space. Student sponsorship resolution was approved by the authorities of the UAE in January of 2021.

Retirement Visa

A retirement visa is being used for retired residents, aged over 55 to live in the country for a long-term of five years. This came into action with the approval of the UAE cabinet in the year 2018. The retirement visa also has eligibility criteria of three demands. In which, any one of them is needed to get approved for the visa.

·         The retired person must have a financial savings of a minimum of AED 1 million.

·         An active income route with a minimum of AED 20,000 per month.

·         Have an investment in a property worth AED 2 million in any emirate across the UAE.

The retirement visa can also be renewed after completing the five-year validity. At the time, they still need to complete any of the options provided in the criteria for a successful renewal.

Medical Treatment Visa in the UAE

The UAE government made it easy for foreigners who need medical support from the country through this visa approval in 2017. A medical treatment visa otherwise called a patient entry permit can be achieved from any of the visa permitting authorities in the UAE. This addition of visas was issued for the advantage of foreigners from visa-required countries.

A person who needs special and advanced medical care provided by the UAE hospitals can apply for a medical treatment visa. It is an individual or group visa with a validity of 90 days with renewability on the request from the hospital.

Special visa for special cases

This visa reformation was also got approved in 2018 for the benefit of foreigners who are the citizens of countries suffering from war and natural disasters. It is a one-year visa with another one-year renewability. Widows, divorced women, and their children can use this visa without any local sponsorship in the country.

Applying for Visa and Renewals

To apply for any kind of visa mentioned above or converting from one to another has its criteria to follow. A person who is looking for a small visit to Dubai can use any “visit visa Dubai90 days” packages from any reputed travel agency in Dubai. UBL Travels offers a great deal for all kinds of visa requirements and renewals. Other services like visa extension and visa application works can be done effortlessly with an efficient service provider in Dubai.