What are the Ramadan rules to know as a foreigner?

What are the Ramadan rules to know as a foreigner?

Date published: Apr - 13 - 2021

Understanding how to behave during the holy month of Ramadan is important for visitors and also non-muslims. To have a respectful journey there are certain things to look forward to. One of the main rules included is providing Muslims with a suitable environment to follow their rituals by foreigners and non-muslim residents. The general practice of eating in public especially during Ramadan times includes a fine of up to AED 2000. During Ramadan, those eating establishments can only function during the daylight period and with black-out windows. But now you can buy food and drinks from restaurants and malls even during Ramadan. What is not acceptable is to walk around drinking and eating.

How children should participate during Ramadan in Dubai?

Any younger children coming under six years of age (Muslim or Non-Muslim) are not required to be a part of this fasting process. Children coming under the category of 7 to 12 years (pre-pubescent) can fast for shorter periods. Other than certain exceptions, after reaching puberty, they are expected to participate in this somehow. This is why most of the schools in Dubai begin later and ends earlier. Their working hours will be restricted to 6 hours a day as per the individual schools. There will be no restrictions for younger children attending nursery or any playgroups, but hours will be reduced. Making them wear an appropriate dress as per the weather and also freely feeding them when they are hungry is necessary during the holy month of Ramadan.


Exceptions made in fasting

Some of the conditions or situations, where one is excluded from fasting, are given below:-

  •          Diabetic
  •          Pregnant
  •          Breastfeeding
  •           Sick or old age
  •          Menstruating

If it is adversely affecting your health, then please don’t participate in the fasting process, this is what they mean. Without offending others, non-muslims who are pregnant or breastfeeding can do eat in public along with children between the age of 6 to 12 years too. You can also witness most of the major International Airports open when you travel from one nation to the other. This is because the travelers are not included in the fasting process. Even if they are traveling, Muslims will make up for it during the coming days without any further delays. This will be informed by any of the tours and travels in Dubai.


Alcohol was mostly available only after the sunset during the Ramadan season. But now you can have them before as they have certain rules relaxed by the authority. If you are planning your trip through any travel agency in Dubai, they will surely inform you of this. To give its visitors a great experience the prominent tourist destination has also decided to take off certain rules regarding nightclubs and alcohol. Now the bars and nightclubs can function throughout the day and provide alcohol. It is better to travel with the best Dubai tour agency during the Ramadan season and study their rules before going.